Honda Releases 2014 CRF Line

All images courtesy of American Honda/Honda News

New bike season comes earlier and earlier each year. We are not even halfway through this calendar and Honda has already released their 2014 CRF race-bike line, which does indeed include the new CRF250R we saw a glimpse of in Japan. They did not stop there, as they went through their CRF450R and revamped area of the recently redesigned bike.

2014 Honda CRF250R

When they released the redesigned and widely acclaimed Honda CRF450R in 2013, many called for the same treatment to come for the small-bore thumper. The changes have come in 2014 and Honda’s 250F features an all-new chassis, revised motor, transmission, and bold look.

The base of the 2014 Honda CRF250R is its chassis. It is a new design that borrows from the 450’s design, as it lowers the center of gravity and gives the bike a more agile feel. The subframe and airbox have also be reconfigured and have been made lighter. The biggest visual change is undoubtedly the revival of dual exhausts on the CRF250R, which was the first bike in Honda’s motocross line to have this feature in the last decade. The concept is used to better balance the bike’s weight in such a tall area and cuts down on sound output. Honda’s Unicam motor was also freshened up and includes a new piston and cylinder head that creates a higher compression ratio, which is fueled by new PGM-FI fuel injection. Matched to the engine is a stronger five-speed transmission. Finally, the bike looks wholly different with new shrouds and side panels covering the redoneĀ radiatorsĀ and the dual exhaust. Completely filled with fluids, the 2014 Honda CRF250R weighs in at 231 pounds.


2014 Honda CRF450R

Rather than resting on their laurels with the 2013 Honda CRF450R, Honda went through the insanely popular machine and improved certain areas for the new model year. It also has new PGM-Fi fuel injection settings and muffler inserts to improve the flow of exhaust through the dual pipes. New springs have been dropped inside the clutch to improve pull and overall feel at the lever. Finally, there are revised settings to the Kayaba PSF fork internals for improved dampening response.