Hook – Up: Her Christmas Present

There are only a few days to put things for your chick under the tree. You, like us, have probably waited until the last minute and are fighting with the masses at shopping centers everywhere. Let us share a few tips:

1. If she is with you, then there is a trace of moto in her. Exploit that to no end.

2. Do not buy her gift cards. All that says is, “Yeah, we are together, but I know nothing about you.”

3. If she is expecting a ring, be prepared to not get a new bike in the near future.

We compiled some clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories from brands she will know, so you should be able to find something that she would like. You may have to pay for rush shipping to get it in time, but it’ll be worthwhile. Good luck….



Sweaters and fleece will be a major item in this guide, but it is for good reason. Girls are always cold. Keep her warm and looking good. And keep your jacket for yourself.

DC Shoes Hagen Sweater
Price: $68.00
Size: Extra Small – Large

Fox Moto-X 2 Pullover
Price: $42.50
Size: Extra Small – Extra Large

Volcom Peace Of Mind Sweater
Price: $59.50
Colors: Yellow (shown), Pink
Size: Extra Small – Extra Large

Vans Compose Fleece
Price: $69.50
Colors: Charcoal (shown), Heather
Sizes: Small – Extra Large


Big, obnoxious sunglasses became a thing a few years back. And it’s never went away. Some sunnies, like these, are acceptable. White Willy Wonka’sĀ aren’t.

Von Zipper KismetĀ 
Price: $85.00
Colors: Rose Tortoise (Shown), Black Crystal, Tortoise

Oakley Daisy Chain
Price: $150.00
Colors: Brunette (shown), Rose gold, Blackberry, Chrome

SPY Optic OMG!
Price: $84.95 – $124.95
Colors: Black (shown), Tortoise


Sizing for girl’s pants is odd. Instead saying actual inches like normal, they come in 0,1,3, 5,7,9,11, and 13. This is because no girl wants to admit her true waist size. She probably won’t give you the correct answer if you ask, so you’ll have to find out for yourself.

Volcom Sound Check Super-Skinny Denim
Price: $55.00
Colors: Rinse (Shown), Black, Turquoise, Red
Size: 0-13

Fox Torque Bootcut Denim
Price: $79.95
Colors: Medium (shown), Smoke
Sizes: 0-11

Vans Skinny Denim
Price: $54.50
Colors: Grey (shown), Black, Indigo
Sizes: 0-13

DC Shoes Twigg Jeggings
Color: Black
Size: 27 – 31
Price: $60.00


Girl can’t have enough shoes. Here are three for all occasions. Vans for all-around, etnies for cold days, and DCs to tone up.

DC Shoes Unilite Trainer Shoes
Price: $85.00
Colors: Grey/Yellow (Shown), Black/Pink, Pink, Black, Black/Turquoise, Grey/Purple
Sizes: 5-11

Vans Hemp Palisades
Price: $47.00
Colors: Black (shown), Blue
Size: 5 – 11

etnies Dakota Boots
Price: $45.00
Color: Black (shown), Tan
Size: 5 – 10


If she has her own race shirts, she won’t have to wear yours to Supercross.

FMF Racing Speed Queen
Price: $28.00
Colors: White (Shown), Black
Sizes: Extra Small – Extra Large

Volcom Moclov Pocket V-Neck
Price: $25.00
Color: Red (shown), Black, Blue
Sizes: Small – Extra Large

Alpinestars Swing Top
Price: $84.00
Size: Extra Small – Large


She has more than enough Coach purses. So do her friends. It’s time for something different.

Fox Sideswipe Crossbody Bag
Price: $49.50
Colors: Black (Shown), Red

Volcom Lookback Handbag
Price: $49.50
Colors: Black (shown), Ginger, Turquoise