Hook Up – June ’05


COLORS: Black, red, silver, white

SIZES: 7-14

PRICE: $459.99

A few weeks ago, Garth tweaked one of his skinny vegan legs on his skateboard. As soon as it happened, Big Girth was heard groaning, “Oh man, I should have been wearing the new Tech 10 boots from Alpinestars. Their great fit and extreme level of comfort combined with flashy looks would have surely kept me from doing this!” Yes, Garth, that would have been a wise decision. Then again, it also would have been smart to drink real milk!

Call 310/891-0222 or visit www.alpinestars.com


COLORS: Black, dark red, khaki (shown)


PRICE: $26.95

The new Sweet Bliss Halter top from Shift is made of 100% soft, comfortable stuff and comes in three colors that may be in style this season. Your lady will love the stretchy tie-strap deal, elegant loopy-thingy and sassy…oh, forget it. We know absolutely nothing about fashion, but this looks like a great girl’s shirt to us. What in the heck is a halter, anyway?

Call 888/744-3848 or visit www.shiftracing.com


APPLICATION: Most humans, model year ’84 and older

SIZES: 12 oz. (shown, sold in six pack), keg

PRICE: $6.99 (six pack), market price (keg)

Imagine a special type of race gas that your bike really liked. Maybe it made the engine run peppier, or it made the track seem twice as fun. But suppose that this special gas also made your ride sputter and pop. And if you kept using this crazy fuel, your bike would weave all over the track, looking like an idiot until it eventually fell over, only to not start until the next afternoon. Ask yourself, would you still run this magical gas in your bike, despite the after effects? If so, then maybe Moto Brew is for you…just don’t put it in your bike, dummy.

Call 559/301-8542 or visit www.moto-brew.com


APPLICATION: Most current MX bikes/quads

COLORS: Gold, red, black, orange, green, blue

PRICE: $89.99 (bonded carbon fiber insert); $69.99 (non-carbon)

Check out this trick new gas cap from Project 321. With its anodized and polished look, leak-proof rubber seal and carbon fiber insert, installing one of these puppies on your ride will surely make your competitors’ bikes turn green with envy! Unless, of course, their bikes already happen to be green, in which case the gas cap will just make them turn…um…more green.

Call 559/662-1128 or visit www.project321.com


COLORS: Black, blue, red

SIZES: S-XXL (jersey), 28-40 (pants)

PRICE: $34.95 (jersey), $80.95 (pants)

Fleshgear is one of the originators of the baggy gear trend, and to this day they are still making fresh duds to satisfy your over-the-boot needs. For 2005, the crew at Flesh decided that things just weren’t Crusty enough, so they developed the new Accelerator jersey and Crustier pants, which thanks to a little more Crusty-ness, are now twice as Crusty as before. Need more Crusty? Call Fleshgear and get your Crusty on!

Call 877/4-CRUSTY or visit www.fleshgear.com


COLORS: Heather gray, chocolate (shown), red


PRICE: $62

As the rookie of the office, our boy Denison gets his fair share of demeaning chores. Be it changing the oil in Swap’s truck, picking out new scented candles for Cooley, or rubbing lotion on Garth’s tattoos, Denny is the man for the job. But when this awesome new Rookie sweatshirt from DC showed up, we figured that we would throw the kid a bone and let him keep it. After all, he does a good job around here. Wait a second, this coffee wasn’t supposed to be black! Oh Chris…

Call 760/ 599-2999 or visit www.dcshoeco.com


APPLICATION: Socket wrench

SIZES: 4″ arms (original); 2″ or 3″ arms (mini); 3/8″ or 1/4″ fittings

PRICE: $25

Wanted: Single male Y-handle looking for three female sockets. Great personality, chrome plated, patent pending. Enjoys “socket swapping” and being spun around. Normally 4″ long, but shorter versions are available for those who don’t want length. Looking for commitment, five-year guarantee. Rubber coating included.

Call 877/ASV-7000 or visit www.asvinventions.com


COLORS: Black, allotrope, indigo (shown)

PRICE: $69.99

The second we got this new Metro bag from Ogio, our ad guy Fiore grabbed it and gleefully ran off. You see, the Metro has lots of useful little pockets and compartments, perfect for packing those tiny hairspray cans and cologne bottles. There is also a padded laptop compartment, which happens to be a great place for keeping a mirror. And let’s not forget the durable construction, which keeps the bag looking great on those grueling trips to the club. Personally, we prefer to use the Metro for things like going to the track, but to each his own, right?

Call 800/922-1944 or visit www.ogio.com


COLORS: Black, white, red (shirt); black, brown, white (watch)

SIZES: XS-L (shirt); one size fits all (watch)

PRICE: $28 (shirt); $115 (watch)

It’s easy to see from this shirt and watch combo that Troy Lee Designs has the casual wear thing figured out. Sweet styling, cool colors, the works. But if you look a bit deeper, you will see that these are more than just casual fashion items; they are coupons, too! Glorious coupons, good for one hassle-free day of racing without your girl getting mad at you, redeemable any morning you want to go ride. Remember, though, these coupons expire at about 8pm on race day, and are not valid with any other offer.

Call 951/371-5219 or visit www.troyleedesigns.com


APPLICATION: Pee Wee racers 2004 and newer

STYLES: Daddy Loves Dirt; See Daddy Fly (blue, pink, lemon); Pee Wee Peace (blue, pink);

Moto X Baby (black)

SIZES: 3-6 months, 6-12 months

PRICE: $15.99 (with cap)

When you ran out of room for your motocross trophies in the garage, your wife probably gave you permission to put some in the house. Of course, this led to some moto-posters around the trophies, which turned into a jersey collection in the den, which led to moto stickers on the fridge, the door and the cat. Pretty soon, your moto-shirt-wearing wife is complaining about moto-submersion! If this is the case, then you had better not show her the new Moto Rose onesies that you got for junior!

Call 714/ 964-2908 or visit www.motorose.com


APPLICATION: Sub-jersey protection


PRICE: $39.95

When our portly old colleague “Big E” left the TransWorld offices for a gig at Answer, he tried to steal our art director. However, Luis is a loyal cobra, and Big E’s plan backfired on him faster than a grande burrito. But this didn’t stop our big buddy from stealing TW’s signature term “stone spray,” which he put to use on this new Answer under-protector. Now, this is a quality product, and if you are looking for good roost protection, look no further. But we ask that if you do decide on a Stone Spray shield, please try to remember where that delightful little phrase came from…

Call 909/736-5369

or visit www.answerracing.com


COLORS: Black, dark red, tan, olive green (shown)


PRICE: $24.95

Shift’s Slinky Stretch shirt seems simply striking, since several Shift staffers spent somewhat sleepless Sundays setting satisfactory shirt style standards. So shopper, show some smooth style; sport Shift’s stunning slinky stretch shirt sometime soon!

Call 888/744-3848 or visit www.shiftracing.com