If you think you are going to talk your way into a Vegas club this weekend wearing dusty cargo shorts and your AMA District championship shirt, think again.

Oakley “Quick and Easy” Woven

Your shirt should be none of the following: shiny, bejeweled/bedazzled, winged, embroidered, or sleeveless. This oxford from Oakley falls into none of the mentioned categories and will set you apart from the rest of the bros.

Unit "Jet" Jeans

The bejeweled/bedazzled/winged/embroidered rules of shirts apply to your jeans. Be careful when it comes to black pants, however, because no one is going to believe it's a toothpaste stain.

Arnette "Dibs" Sunglasses

Ever since the Arnette crew outfitted us with fresh specs at last weekend's TransWorld SLAM Festival, we haven't pulled them off our faces. We probably look like the (Cauc)Asian versions of Ray Charles, but we look damn good nonetheless.

etnies “RVS Danny Larsen”

Somehow, squared toe slip-on dress shoes became the symbol for going out. These kicks from etnies are their antithesis and should be worn accordingly.

Bail Bond
Price Varies

If you end up having "too good" of a time in Vegas, you are going to need one of these.

Silk Knitted Tie

Lacey Underall: "I bet you’ve got a lot of nice ties."
Ty Webb: "How do you mean?"
Lacey Underall: "Would you like to tie me up with some of your ties, Ty?”

Nixon "Cannon" Watch

Your cell battery needs to be saved for all the photos you'll be taking or to call the bail bonds people, not for checking the time. Bonus tip: slide this off your wrist and over your fingers when some dude gets lippy. There are no rules in a bar fight.

Volcom "Dapper" Suit

If none of that works, go the full “Swingers” route and wear a suit. You’re so money and you don’t even know it!