The best things in life cost money. Lots of money. Leather couches, steak dinners, bearskin rugs… Come to think of it, the best things in life kill animals, too.

Fox Deluxe “Logan” Leather Jacket

Before you make a Fonzie joke, you should realize how much of a revolutionary Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli was to the last century. Daredevil, defender of Richie Cunningham, lady killer, and high school dropout, The Fonz did it all in his leather jacket. Do you realize how much money he saved by just hitting that jukebox? Enough to buy this jacket, his bike, part of Arnold’s Restaurant, and some blonde a chocolate malt.

Unit “Dirty Gentleman” Button-up

We’ve been stoked on this shirt since Tony D. and the crew shot it our way. Who knows, maybe by wearing this Unit button-up you’ll land a Misses like the one on your Unit t-shirt.

Altamont A.Reynolds “Pico” Signature Denim

We really have nothing witty to say about the products from Altamont, other than you should buy them. Fit is spot-on, styles are bitchin’, and the materials last.

Vans Italian Leather “Authentic” Shoes

If you are going to kill one cow for your torso, you might as well do the same for your feet. And your kicks would need way less material, so maybe it is from a baby cow. That’s not helping, is it?

Oakley “Holbrook” Sunglasses

You cannot out-party Shaun White. Dude gets down and he has the arrest record to prove it. While drunkenly pulling a fire alarm in a Nashville hotel is not the smartest move, hopefully the “Flying Tomato” had enough sense to cover up that black eye with his new signature Oakleys.

Rockwell “The Cartel” Watch

With its massive face, Japanese movement, and waterproof design, the timepieces being pumped out by Rockwell, like “The Cartel,” put your old Fossil watch from middle school to shame.

Louis Vuitton “Florin” Wallet

It looks like a checkered flag.

Troy Lee Designs Open Face Helmet Carbon “Pinstripe” Helmet

If you have all of the previously mentioned things and you are not on a vintage cafe racer, you are seriously messing up. With all the classic bikes to choose from, it’s hard to narrow down the list to one “must have” ride. Luckily, TLD makes your helmet choice a less-trying task.