We realized that all of our previous Hook Ups had an all black, Johnny Cash vibe to them. Our bad.

ONE Industries “Hollister” Button-down Shirt

Brian Fellow is not an accredited zoologist, nor does he hold an advanced degree in any of the environmental sciences. He is simply an enthusiastic young man with a sixth grade education and an abiding love for all of God's creatures. Share his love tonight on… BRIAN FELLOW'S SAFARI PLANET!

DC Shoes Denim Jeans
$60.00 +

Look, you know the drill by now. You need jeans, preferably in dark tones. We didn't narrow it down to just one cut or style, leaving you with options. If you go Anton-skinny, that is on you.

100% Burgett Sunglasses

It doesn't matter that winter is coming, sunglasses are a year-round necessity. The sun doesn't go away because it is November; it just stops being hot as shit. And don't even get us started on snow…

DC Shoes “Studio C” Shoes

Face it, you have no need for every technical "performance" detail on the latest running shoes when you are standing in line at 7-11. Simple, understated kicks in solid tones will do just fine. But if you are knocking said 7-11 over and need to make a getaway, by all means, get the trainers.

Herschel Supply Co. Classic Rip Stop Backpack

Despite the fact that none of us have stepped foot in an education institute for some time, we are still suckers for a backpack, and the offerings from Hershel are an upgrade from the Snoopy bag we drug down the street in grade school. They even have a place for your mom to write your name.

Obey Varsity Classic Jacket

Thanks to brands like Obey, you no longer need to be a meathead jock or first chair band student to get a varsity jacket. It does not give you license to try and pick up on high school girls, however.

Answer Racing Stencil Shirt

The boys from Answer showed up to our SLAM Fest a few weeks back with cases of plain T’s, cardboard stencils, and cans of spray paint they swiped from us for a “create your own shirt” booth. Sadly, we have worn ours so much that the orange industrial paint is starting to fade. Looks like we found its replacement.