Product: Ride Engineering KTM Fork Compression Adjusters
Application: On-the-fly suspension adjustment
Options: Available for most makes and models
Price: $44.95 for KTMs, $84.95 for all others

Key Features: 464y4272

-Machined out of high-grade aluminum

-Fits KTM WP forks from 2007-2010

-Allows easy access to bleed screws

What We Liked:

-Very light weight

-Extra leverage makes adjusting the clickers a cinch, even with gloves on

-Slots barely hinder access to bleed screws

-Bonus bling

What We Didn't Like:

-What's not to like?

What We Really Think:

If you own a late model KTM, then you know that they already come stock with hand clicker adjustment knobs for the forks.  But then your are also aware that the small plastics knobs are in a very tight space and can become harder to use as dirt begins to accumulate underneath them.  Ride Engineering's billet adjusters make playing with compression clicker settings easy as pie.  The additional leverage, and the fact that the knobs are about the same diameter as the fork tubes, makes mid-moto tuning very easy. Plus, a little extra bling never hurt anyone. Ride Engineering also makes hand clicker adjustment knobs for all of the big Japanese OEMs.