Hook-Up : September 19, 2012

If I were still back home in St. Louis, odds are I would be standing around a bonfire welcoming the start of another cool autumn. There is no better way to start spend a weekend than with your friends, bullshitting and knocking a few back while you try to bag the token hot girl. Increase your chances buy upgrading your clothes and getting the dirt out from under your fingernails. Here is a starter kit, compliments of Anton.

NEFF “Fold” Beanie

There is a reason NEFF beanies are seen everywhere from Josh Hansen to the pages of GQ: 'cause the are sick. Simple, well made, and perfect fitting, we actually go out and buy them when the temps start to drop.

Alpinestars “Trast” Flannel

Astars' line of quality goes farther than the track. Their casual clothes, like the Trast flannel, let you run the logo and keep the chill at bay. Win-win.

DEFT/DC Shoes¬†Collab¬†“Catalyst” Gloves

Your hands are too big to be wearing those little black gloves from Target. Slide your paws into these DEFT mitts and clutch your bevy of choice with the grippy silicone palms. We recommend Coors Light.

Volcom “Vorta” Jeans

Denim is key, and the crew at Volcom have it on lock with jeans like the Vorta. Hint: they are on sale at Volcom's site right now.

DC Shoes Nate Adams “Gatsby” Shoes

If you pair your DEFT/DC gloves with another brand of shoe, you are doing the Thor jersey/Fox pants thing in public. So, keep the vibe going with Nate's new signature DC kicks.

Ethika “Staple” Underwear
$24.95 each

The whole point of dressing well is to get down to your drawers in front of a chick. Buy two pairs and keep one in your truck for the morning after. Burn the Looney Toons boxers.