Lutes is enroute to Belgium for this year's Motocross of Nations, and while we are a little jealous he gets to see the race in person (and party on Sunday afterwards), the thought of trans-Atlantic travel is enough to kill the envy. If you have to fly, do it right. You aren't going to join the mile-high club in sweatpants.

Vans Slip-On Shoes

Make the hassle that is TSA screening easier by wearing slip-on shoes. And wear socks; bare feet on those airport floors is gross.

Skullcandy “Titan” Earbuds

By going inside your ear, these SC buds will block out the sound of the engine and the crying baby. Or go big and cop the Mix Master cans. Who are we to tell you what to do…

Von Zipper “Cletus” Sunglasses

Hopefully you are headed somewhere warm and tropical. If you aren't, these sunnies will remind you to find a better travel agent.

Fox Baseline Jean

Wear jeans. Your argument for sweats is invalid.

One Industries Hope Thermal

You can't go wrong with a simple thermal shirt. One took it a step further and gave it a pocket, so you have a place to put the napkin the hottie a few rows up wrote her number on.

OGIO Rebel Backpack

We were only in Cub Scouts to race the Pinewood Derby, but you’ll never shake the life lesson of “always be prepared.” Big enough to hold everything you would need to stay occupied while airborne, the OGIO bag is made to go under the seat in front of you.

OGIO Navigator Carry-on Bag

Don't suffer the same fate as Greg Focker in Meet The Parents. Keep all your necessities in a carry-on and skip waiting with the rest of the cattle at the bag corral.

Volcom Swisher Jacket

We forgot a jacket one time. And one time was all it took to make sure we never forget again. The nylon material will keep you warm and dry, and the rustle from moving your arms will help you work on your rhythm.

TransWorld Motocross "Kickstart 3: Whiskey Throttle"

Come on son, no description is necessary.