The La Jolla Group, home of sports giants Metal Mulisha, O’Neill, …Lost, and Rusty, invited us over to the grand opening of their new building in Irvine, CA. To say this is a cool place to work is an understatement. With each company bringing their own flavor to the mix, the La Jolla Group is a virtual creativity factory.

Designed by the architecture firm LPA, the facility’s incorporates sustainable materials and cool design elements.  Featuring a full distribution center with 20 dock doors, over a dozen high-tech conference rooms and meeting areas, a photo studio, and a 2,000 sq. ft model retail store, La Jolla Group’s new HQ also includes an indoor skatepark with quarter pipes and rail hits, a “Make Your Mark” art exhibition wall for staff contributions, a fitness center, an indoor basketball court, and a “Hall of Fame” retrospective of each brand’s accomplishments. Basically, the place is dope. Check out some photos from last evening; Deegan showed up in a chopper, food and drinks were served, DJs spun, the Mulisha hit the ramp, and everyone was merry.