‘How Was Your Weekend?’ – Muddy Creek 2013

Photos by Jeff Kardas

Yes we know, this is usually a video feature, however, we had some technical difficulties this week with the video camera and were forced to type up some key quotes from this week's crop of racers for "How Was Your Weekend?" We'll be back next week with a video for everyone.

‘How Was Your Weekend?’ – Muddy Creek 2013

Marvin Musquin: 1st Overall 250 Class

Marvin Musquin got his first outdoor win of the season.

"It was a good weekend for sure. It was a great track and our first time here in Muddy Creek. It was great to win and a really nice trophy at the end. I got two great starts and I felt great on the bike. I didn't get a moto win, but I did get the overall win. I'm just really happy, and really glad, that I didn't end up outside the top-three like I did at the first two rounds. I want to move forward and do the same thing next weekend. The track was really nice. It was really technical with a lot of jumps."

Ken Roczen: 3rd Overall 250 Class
"My weekend started off really good. I won both practices and got the Oakley Bomb award, which was pretty cool. The first moto went well. I started around fifth and then just passed everyone and checked out. It was a good moto. I got some good rest between the motos, went out for the second moto, and my start was horrible. I was about mid-pack, fought my way up, and then actually went down pretty good. The crash unbuckled my whole boot and it was really weird to ride like that. I then caught up to third, which could have been the overall, but I ended up making another mistake and went off the track. I ended up third overall, but it also could have been worse. It's all good, though, I didn't lose any points."

Eli Tomac: 2nd Overall 250 Class

Eli Tomac ran away with the second 250 moto win.

"My weekend was okay. Points wise, me and Ken [Roczen] stayed the same, because we flip-flopped scores in the motos. In the first moto, I did a big squirrely move off the start and ended up getting clipped in the rear and barely stayed up. Then I caught up to fourth and had a little crash in an off chamber. After that, I battled with [Cooper] Webb and [Zach] Osborne. In the second moto, I got the holeshot and did a sweet wheelie up the straight. I was stoked on that. I then just sprinted early and made it happen."

Zach Osborne: 5th Overall 250 Class
"The weekend was okay. I went 6-5 for fifth overall here at my home race. Obviously it could have been a little better, but overall it was still within my goals of being top-five all season, so I'm pretty happy. I thought the track was gnarly."

Ryan Dungey: 1st Overall 450 Class

Muddy Creek was Ryan Dungey’s first win of the season.

"I spent practice trying to figure out the track and my bike set up. I felt like we found a good setting for the bike, but the start on the first moto wasn't the best, and I had to work my way through the pack to third. In the second moto, I was able to get the win for the overall. This first win really means a lot, and we're working hard. We were a little bit off at Hangtown, got a little bit better last weekend, and now this weekend shows that things are moving forward and getting better. If we can keep it up, and keep making progress, it will be good."

Martin Davalos: 11th Overall 250 Class
"My weekend was pretty rough. In the first moto, I got a decent start, but just couldn't find my rhythm out there. The track was pretty gnarly, rough, and rutted—I just kind of struggled. In the second moto I got a better start, battled with some of the guys, and ended up finishing eighth."

Malcolm Stewart: 18th Overall 450 Class

In spite of some crashes, Malcolm Stewart is still happy with how he has been riding.

"Practice went alright. In the first moto, I had some troubles—I went down twice and my clutch lever fell off, so I couldn't really do too much. In the second moto, I had an outside gate, got a good start, and worked my way up, but then I tipped over again. This track definitely whooped my butt this weekend, but I'm not really too bummed out. I'm upset that I fell, but I'm happy with how I rode. Overall, I'm just happy about myself, and I look forward to the next race."

Justin Barcia: 2nd Overall 450 Class
"My weekend was pretty good. I rode solid. I didn't get a moto win, so I'm still searching for that, but I think it will come as time goes on. The track was rough and tough, and I had a pretty good time out there—there were some fun jumps. I just need to continue working hard and fighting."

James Stewart: 4th Overall 450 Class

Frustrated would be an easy way to describe how James Stewart felt after this weekend.

"My weekend was slow. It's pretty much as simple as that. I don't really know how to put an answer to what happened. I qualified ninth or 10th in the first practice and then was about five seconds slower in the second practice where I qualified 17th. I just couldn't figure it out and I don't know what it was. I usually ride in the ruts pretty good, but I just didn't have the flow. I kind of went backwards all day and my [outdoor] season really hasn't been like that—I had a little more fight in me in the first two races. In the first moto, I just couldn't get my corners right—I didn't really have much. Then in the second moto, it was the same thing. I had every opportunity to be on the podium and unfortunately sixth place was where I was today. It's definitely disappointing for me. I kind of know what's going on with me. Physically-wise I'm fine, I was just frustrated out there. It's the first time that I've felt how Chad has felt this season. It's frustrating not being able to do anything and having guys that I feel like I should be able to run with and beat sometimes beat me. I'm going to go back and make some changes so this never happens again. I would chalk this one up as the worst race of my career as far as just being off all day."

Josh Grant: 13th Overall 450 Class
"The weekend started out really good. We got the to come out and do press day on Thursday and it was the first time being able to check out the track, so that was cool. I got the Oakley Bomb award in qualifying, which was a good step in the right direction, so I feel like we're making good progress. Unfortunately in the second moto today something happened to our bike and we can't really figure it out. Something electrical, so I know the guys are going to take it apart and check it out this week."