Hurley wins Opening Round of World Supercross GP in Seville

Team’s Daryl Hurley, won the inaugural race of World Supercross GP at Estadio Olimpico in Seville, giving him his first 250cc supercross win of his career. KTM’s Grant Langston, finished second and Suzuki’s Tyler Evans, finished third.

Yamaha’s Mike Brown had the early lead, but his bike stalled, allowing Hurley to move into the lead. Hurley held into the lead while second and third place were being figured out.

“Today was a weird day because I have been sick all week,” said Hurley. “I didn’t even think I was going to run the race, so I didn’t have any pressure. Mike Brown was pressuring me, but I knew I had to save my clutch, so I adjusted it every few corners. This has not even sunk in yet”

Langston crashed in the first turn and spent most of the race playing catch up. “I was on the ground, upside down in the first turn, just like a beginner,” said Langston. “I’m glad I have my new number, 8, because when I was upside down, everyone could read it. When I would fall tonight, it never hurt; it was really safe. I was more concerned about saving the bike. The World Supercross GP is a major goal of mine”

Like Langston, Evans spent some time on ground. “By the last lap, I was exhausted,” said Evans. “I would not have been able to go one more lap. It’s so hard to crash and pick your bike up six times in this mud. I have a lot to prove next year, and I am not going to blow it. This is a great opportunity for the privateers to make a lot of money.”

Next week’s racing will take place at Arnhem, Holland’s Gelredome, Saturday, December 13.

THQ World Supercross GP Event Results, Seville, Spain

  1. Daryl Hurley, Suzuki
  2. Grant Langston, KTM
  3. Tyler Evans, Suzuki
  4. Heath Voss, Yamaha
  5. Steve Boniface, Suzuki
  6. James Polvolny, Honda
  7. Alvaro Lozano, KTM
  8. Andrew Short, Suzuki
  9. Clark Stiles, Honda
  10. Joe Oehlhof, Honda

THQ World Supercross GP Season Standing

  1. Daryl Hurley, Suzuki, 25 points
  2. Grant Langston, KTM, 22, points
  3. Tyler Evans, Suzuki, 20 points
  4. Heath Voss, Yamaha, 18 points
  5. Steve Boniface, Suzuki, 16 points
  6. James Polvolny, Honda, 15 points
  7. Alvaro Lozano, KTM, 14 points
  8. Andrew Short, Suzuki, 13 points
  9. Clark Stiles, Honda, 12 points
  10. Joe Oehlhof, Honda, 11 points