Impact Video—New at Indy!!

IMPACT VIDEO will be showcasing their entire line of dvd’s, books, die cast models, collectable lunch boxes, picture frames, license plate frames and blankets in their “hot off the press 2005 catalog.

It features all the latest releases in dirtbike, sportbike, competition & race, offroad, ATV, snowmobile and watercraft as a bike and board section with all the BMX, mountain bike, road bike, skate, snowboard & ski titles available through Impact Video.

Along with many other great titles, IMPACT will be introducing the highly anticipated

“50 NUTS 2 and FTP 4.

IMPACT provides flexible terms, an incredible return policy, incomparable service and extremely competitive pricing with a 40% dealer margin (on DVDs) and quantity incentives. Get free shipping when you order a DVD 12 pack and receive a free DVD with an order of 24 or more.

Visit the Impact booth #2939 to pick up your free copy of the catalog and sample dvd reel and check out the display discounts available at the show.

Impact Video Distributing

75 Argonaut, Ste. B, Aliso Viejo, CA 92677
Phone: 1-800-697-9914 Fax: 949-460-9497