Important! RXR Protect & Team MDK/WWR Are Looking For One East Coast SX Lites rider.

We have a bike available for racing!

Due to the unfortunate collarbone injury sustained by Jase Lewis, that will keep him out of the 2008 East Coast Lites series, Team MDK/WWR has a full race bike left unused.

RXR Protect’s Brand Director Chris Favro met with Team MDK/WWR’s Darrell Saldana and Scott Kandel this past weekend in Indianapolis and decided that the #722 bike couldn’t stay unused for the rest of the series.

“It doesn’t feel right to have this full MDK Speed-prepared Honda CRF250 sitting in the pits when someone else could race it. We were very disappointed when Jase got hurt and hope that he will recover fast and come back stronger for the Outdoor Nationals. He’s a hot prospect and would have done great for the team.” said RXR Protect’s Chris Favro. “His MDK Speed bike is unused; it is time to give someone the opportunity to race the Lites series. Darrell, Scott and I have been discussing since Atlanta and want to make this happen: we have a good program going on with Team MDK/WWR’s riders Ryan Mills, Tiger Lacey, Mike Horban, Tyson Hadsell and Bryce Shonbeck and would like to add one more member to the squad. Originally, RXR Protect really wanted to offer this ride to Sean Hamblin, but Sean felt that he wasn’t ready for Supercross yet and decided it wouldn’t be fair for him to take the bike. Needles to say, I have a lot of respect for his decision. So here it is: there is a race bike, protection and a spot in the team available for an AMA Pro rider.”

“After he heard of Jase’s injury and the fact that he would be on the DL for about 5 weeks, Chris approached us in Atlanta and offered RXR Protect’s back up in order to search for a replacement rider.” said Team MDK/WWR’s Darrell Saldana. “We have been working with RXR Protect since the beginning of the East Coast Lites series, after seeing how their chest-protector helped Tiger Lacey at San Diego and believe it helped Ryan Mills avoid further injuries when he crashed hard during the race in Indy this past weekend. This opening is a great opportunity for any AMA Pro who wants to race the rest of the East Coast Lites series and feels he can make the night show. Here’s the package: an MDK Speed CRF250 with a spot on the team and a chest-protector. Don’t let it go by!”

All interested riders, please check and send an email to Candidates will be reviewed and a decision will be made by the end of Daytona

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Wonder Warthog Racing (WWR) is a unique organization which was formed to help the under resourced privateers to race with non-traditional forms of support for their careers. The Wonder Warthog Foundation has distributed several hundred thousand dollars in resources since its inception and has been run as a completely volunteer effort, being supported by many of the top racers in the sport of motocross including Ricky Carmichael and James Stewart and companies like MDK, Smooth Industries and DeCal Works. WWR, who’s founders Scott Kandel and Steve Bauer won the Clear Channel Motorsports Humanitarian of the Year Award in 2004, is regarded by the promoters, governing bodies, riders, and fans as one of the most benevolent and charitable groups to ever help the sport.