In Staging: Bryan Johnson

Bryan Johnson

D.O.B.: 2/5/86

Hometown: Cairo, Georgia



Last summer as a member of Team Green, Bryan won the 125 A/Pro Sport title at Loretta Lynn’s, beating guys like Brian Gray and Broc Hepler, who’ve already locked up factory rides for ’04. But that wasn’t his first Loretta’s title. “I won on 60s at Loretta’s in ’98, but I’ve had a lot of injuries. I’ve broken my neck and back, and that was my biggest setback.”

But Brian has not only been beating factory guys, he’s been like a brother to one, living with Davi Millsaps for the last several years. “Davi and I have trained together every summer, and the last three or four years we’ve lived up here together just training every day.”

Has Cairo, Georgia, been a good place to build a budding supercross and MX career? “It sure is, now that Colleen (Millsaps) has that new Millsaps Training Facility (check out, and the facility’s so nice. A lot of people are coming here. Davi and I have been training for supercross every morning from like 7:00 to 10:00 or 11:00. Then Colleen goes to the other facility and trains the people there.

“We have two full-blown supercross tracks that Mark Barnett built, complete with irrigation and everything. One’s a little softer for East Coast, and the other is harder for West Coast. As of mid-November, we’ve been on them for about a month.

Bryan’s ’04 plans are already solidified, including a brand change. “I’ll be riding a YZ250F on the West Coast for Star Racing with Keith and Kevin Johnson.”

So what does he hope to accomplish in his rookie season? “A lot of people tell me I’m riding pretty (well), and Davi and I are just pushing each other really hard to try and accomplish as much as we can. I know every time we go to California, we get to ride with a lot of those guys. I mean they’re fast, but it’s nothing phenomenal that we can’t do.”

“We have a nutritionist who looks after what we eat…trying to get the right amount of protein and carbs, as well as keeping an eye on our body fat to make sure we’re not too lean or too fat. Everything possible to help us succeed, we’re trying to do”