In Staging – Jimmy Albertson

Jimmy Albertson

Hometown: Billings, MO

Sponsors: Yamaha Motor Corp., Pro Circuit, Thor, Tag Metals, Scott Goggles, Dunlop, Factory Backing, Motorex, Regina, Sponsorshouse, Sidi, Hinson, Ogio, Twin Air, Boyesen, Hot Cams, Sunline/ARC, EVS, PMG Apparel, Turner Transmission, and Surdyke Yamaha of the Lake

D.O.B: 6/16/88

No matter how many motos he wins, or titles he scores, Jimmy Albertson might be the fastest racer from Montana…who doesn’t actually live there. He’s a victim of whoever thought it’d be a good idea to name a town in his state the same as his hometown. With a laugh, he explains, “To this day, at the track it’s, ‘….Jimmy Albertson from Billings, Montana, out in front…’ Everyone automatically thinks it’s Billings, Montana.”

While his home turf might be in dispute, there’s no doubt about his speed on the track. At the AMA Parts Unlimited Spring Classic in Lake Whitney, TX, Jimmy was entered in seven classes, and among them he took two titles, a second (behind Ryan Villopoto), a third (behind Villopoto and Josh Hill), and a fourth. Regardless, you get the idea…he was flying. “You pretty much just take one moto at a time. If something bad happens, you can say, ‘Well, you know what, I’ve got seven classes, and I can let that one go.’ I train every day for this, so it doesn’t matter, condition-wise.”

Of course, Missouri Winters aren’t exactly conducive to year-round riding, so, “This Winter me and my buddy Trey Canard went out to California together to train. We try to go to different places during the Winter when we can’t ride, and it seemed to work out just fine.”

With plenty of bikes required to run all the classes, does he have a favorite? “I really like riding my 450 a lot. When we got a ride from Yamaha a couple years ago, that was all we were set up for. We didn’t even have a ride on the 250Fs. Now I’m starting to ride my 250F a lot more, getting used to it, and I like that bike a lot. I’ve also got a YZ250 that’s at Pro Circuit right now, getting all done up. I’m kind of anxious to ride that when I get back.

Like plenty of other riders, Jimmy got the nudge to start racing from his family. “My dad has always been into motocross, and used to be a mechanic at NCY. He got my brother Greg and I into it when we were little, and went on from there. Greg had a 50, and when he was done with it, I started riding it. Greg still rides the Intermediate class, and does all right, he pretty much likes doing the local races and practicing, but he’s still into it for sure.”

“Of course, I’m looking I’m looking at doing what everybody else is that’s out there riding amateur nationals, being a pro and racing all the nationals and getting on a factory team, and winning Supercrosses. That’s pretty much my goal. I think if I keep working at it, I’ll get there.”

“I like Supercrossy tracks with big jumps and lots of rhythm sections. Probably my favorite track is Millville. I like that track a lot. When I was little we used to go up there every year for the National. It seems to get more fun each year we go up there. I’d have to say Millville because it’s got the long set of whoops in it, and big uphill and stuff like that.”

When quizzed about his strengths on the track, he says, “I usually pull good starts, and cornering. That’s pretty much all I work on. My corners, and trying to get more corner speed. That, and whoops.”

So what’s the best racing advice Jimmy’s gotten? “Just to have fun. Not worry about doing good, just make sure you’re having fun all the time. Once you get to a certain level, it does start to get to be work, but there’s nothing that I’d rather be doing.”