In Staging: Ryan Villopoto

Hometown: Poulsbo, Washington

DOB: 8/13/88

Sponsors: Thousand Oaks Kawasaki, Smith, Alpinestars, CTi, Thor, Maxima, Pro Circuit, Dunlop, Wiesco, Vans, Six Six One, AP Designs, Works Connection, Twin Air, Renthal, Liquid Performance, Ogio, Acerbis, Sano, MX Rider, Playground, and Final Lap.

Ryan Villopoto may list Poulsbo, Washington, as his hometown, but it’s hard to believe, as often as we see him in Southern California. “My mom doesn’t work at all, and my dad builds houses. Right now we’re actually staying at Blake Bagget’s house and looking for a house in Southern California.”

Ryan got off to an early start in both riding and racing. “I got a PW when I was three or four, and started racing when I was five. My dad and grandpa both used to race…and my grandpa actually had two shops where he used to sell bikes. He used to ride Hodakas, CZs, and a bunch of others.”

Now 15 years old, and with no Alessis to duel with, Ryan should be one of the dominators in the Supermini ranks for ’04. How long he spends on the small bikes depends on how fast he grows. “The goal is to try and stay on them all the way until Loretta’s, then move up after that. But if I grow a lot, I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

So what’s the plan for the rest of his amateur career? “Championships.” Beyond that? “It depends on how fast I am on a 125. I may spend a year in intermediate when I move up to 125.”

Will it be tough for him to adapt from outdoor tracks to Supercross? “No. I mean it’s going to be hard, and it’s more technical, definitely, but it should come easy.”