Inaugural Thor Celebrity Motocross National @ Glen Helen Results!

Marathon runner Vidana-Barda  takes top honors, Todd Snider (mt. biker) and Aaron Cooke (BMXer) round out podium, while Metzger tops Hart in the FMX/MX showdown and MXA’s Olson tops Cycle World’s Lewis in the media class

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif., (May 11, 2003) — The Thor Celebrity Motocross National @ Glen Helen — presented by the National Promoters Group —  opened the 2003 AMA/Chevy Trucks U.S. Motocross Championship with a bang, providing a nice surprise and some exciting racing for the fans who came out early to watch pro practice on the eve of the Outdoor National opener.


Professional athletes from the entire extreme sports scene — including pro skateboarders, snowboarders, surfers, BMXers, mountain bike racers, and a two-time Olympic ski racer — joined several motocross enthusiasts from the music industry for a three-lap mini National at Glen Helen on Saturday. The event was put together by the NPG in an effort to give these athletes a taste of the rigors of professional motocross racing by allowing them unprecedented access to the exact National track the pros would ride later that afternoon and race on Sunday.


“This was incredible,” said two-time Olympian and USA’s No. 1 downhill ski racer, Daron Rahlves. “You have no idea the amount of respect I have for guys like Ricky Carmichael and Kevin Windham. I thought I rode pretty well today, but was blown away by what I saw afterwards when the pros were out for practice. Unreal.”


Pro skateboard legend Steve Caballero shared Rahlves sentiment: “You see it on TV and think ‘You know, that doesn’t look that tough.’ Well, when I got out here and saw these hills I was just like ‘No way.’ Then to see the pros ride? Let’s just say it was a very humbling experience.”


Event promoter and NPG member Lori Yarnell was pleased with the inaugural event, along with the ability level of the celebrity participants. “These guys rode pretty well! I was impressed with not only their ability, but their interest and passion for the sport of motocross,” said Yarnell. “We’ll certainly look forward to doing this again next year!”

2003 Thor Celebrity Motocross National @ Glen Helen Results:

Celebrity Race

  1. Kevin Vidana-Barda, marathon runner
  2. Todd Snider, pro mt. bike racer
  3. Aaron Cooke, pro BMXer
  4. Allen Cooke, pro BMXer
  5. Phil Tintsman, pro mt. bike
  6. Ken Block, DC Shoes
  7. Josh Sleigh, pro surfer
  8. Daron Rahlves, U.S. Ski Team
  9. Ross Robinson, Record Producer
  10. Matt Goodwill, pro snowboarder
  11. Jason Ellis, pro skateboarder
  12. Robbie Miranda, pro BMXer
  13. Marla Streb, pro mt. biker
  14. Sunny Garcia, pro surfer
  15. Steve Caballero, pro skateboarder
  16. Dave Metty, pro skateboader
  17. Jordan Burns, musician
  18. Salman Agah, pro skateboarder
  19. Mike Cox, snowboard exec.


  1. Mike Metzger
  2. Carey Hart
  3. Jeff “Ox” Kargola
  4. Cameron Steele


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The goal of the NPG is to raise the awareness of motocross through the production of professional championship racing events, while providing the cash prizes — through sponsorship opportunities – for the competitors. For more information on the NPG and motocross results, check out or contact OMS Sports’ Pat Schutte at (734) 222-0688 /