Indy SX Notes

EA SPORTS Supercross Presented by Speed Stick Mid-Week Notes Package: Round Indianapolis, RCA DOME

Eastern Regional Swing: This weekend opens the 125cc Eastern Regional Supercross championship, as the 125cc Western Regional Supercross tour goes on hiatus. Through five rounds, the Western Regional tour saw three different riders, Travis Preston, James Stewart (two wins), and David Pingree, earn main event wins.

RC Streak: After winning 13 races in a row in 2001, Ricky Carmichael, who now rides for Team Honda, started his 2002 season in last place with a DNF(did not finish). “Everyone was just so worried about taking people out and not worrying about racing. It sucks a little bit because you can’t even race,” said Carmichael after the race. “I was constantly looking back to make sure no one would take a cheap shot on me. If you fall, everyone isriding so good you are going to be at the back of the pack.” Things have changed. In Phoenix, Carmichael earned his first victory of the year andfollowed it up with another win in Anaheim. Could this be the beginning of another winning streak? Carmichael’s streak last year started in Phoenixand didn’t stop. Indianapolis should be interesting.

10-Lap Showdown: Team Bud Light Yamaha’s Jeremy McGrath lead the opening 10 laps of last weekend’s main event, the most laps he has led in 2002. It’sbeen a less than stellar season on the McGrath-o-meter. “I felt great for the first half of the race and had it been a 10 lap race, I would have had it in the bag! While I was out front I could really hear the fans.”

Ward Comeback: Former 250cc factory rider Larry Ward, who hung up his jersey in 2000, has come out of retirement to race the 125cc Eastern RegionalSupercross championship. The Florence, S.C., native competed in the 125cc outdoor nationals, finishing fourth overall. The last time Ward raced 125cc supercross was 1989, when he finished third on the season as a Honda support rider.

Byrne Set To Race East Coast: It’s time to cut the ‘ccs’ in half for Michael Byrne, who rides for the Dr. Martens Honda team. Through the first fiverounds, Byrne has been competing in 250cc competition; however, this weekend will kick off Byrne’s 125cc d├ębut in America. Currently, he ninth in 250cc points.

Bud Man Steps Up: Buddy Antunez, who won an unprecedented five national Arenacross championships, makes his return to EA SPORTS Supercross’ 125cc Eastern Regional Supercross tour as a Suzuki factory 125cc rider. Thedecision was made this fall after several discussions with Suzuki team manager Roger DeCoster. Antunez won three 125cc supercross main events in 1990.

Dowd But Not Out: He may be the oldest 125cc rider to join the Eastern Regional Supercross tour, but John Dowd is considered a serious threat tohis competition. Dowd has been riding select rounds of the Speed Stick National Arenacross Series in preparation for the season. A former 1999 Western Regional Supercross champion, Dowd has four 125cc wins under his belt: three in Western Regional Competition (’98) and four in EasternRegional Competition (’99). In addition, he won a 250cc main event in 1998.

Brown vs. Langston: Mike Brown, who rides for Team Pro-Circuit Kawasaki and Grant Langston, who rides for Team Red Bull KTM, will revisit the rivalrythey built in the 125cc outdoor national this weekend. Brown, the eventual champion of the outdoor nationals, has three 125cc supercross wins (’94 and two in ’95). On the other hand, Langston, a rookie last year, won his first and only 125cc supercross main event.

Reed’s Back: After competing in the first three rounds of 250cc EA SPORTS Supercross, Australian native Chad Reed will do battle against the top 125cc riders. Reed, who left the 250cc tour after a injuring his shoulder, finished a season best at the opening round in Anaheim and was in eighthplace before leaving the series. This is Reed’s rookie season in EA SPORTS Supercross.

Hometown Hero: Mike LaRoccoSouth Bend, Ind., is currently second in 250cc points after the first five rounds and has earned podium honors at four ofthe first five rounds this year. A winner of eight 250cc main event wins, LaRocco earned his first win in nearly seven years at the third round of competition in Anaheim, Calif.

Rough Roncada: Stephane Roncada wasn’t afraid to get physical last weekend. In the 20-lap main event, Roncada scrapped his way to a career best second place. “I was charging to keep up with MC (McGrath) who was really going fast.” said Roncada. “Around lap nine, Carmichael slowly started to catch us and around lap 11 he made a pass on me after I messed up the rhythm section before the finish line jump. He came across and hit me before the jump and I almost went down. I tried to get him back in the next turn but he cut back sharp and passed me back. About two turns later, I went for a block pass on Ricky but I stayed low and didn’t hit him, we both came out of the turn together but he had a better line and took the advantage.”

Past 125cc RCA Dome Winners’01: Travis Pastrana’00: Michael Brandes’99: Ernesto Fonseca’98: Ricky Carmichael’97: John Dowd’96: Michael Pichon’95: Michael Pichon’94: Ezra Lusk’93: Doug Henry’92: Jimmy Button

Past 250cc RCA Dome Winners’01: Ricky Carmichael’00: Jeremy McGrath’99: Ezra Lusk’98: Jeremy McGrath’97: Jeff Emig’96: Jeremy McGrath’95: Jeremy McGrath’94: Jeremy McGrath’93: Jeremy McGrath’92: Jeff Stanton

125cc Western Regional Supercross Laps Led After Five Rounds28: James Stewart, Kawasaki12: David Pingree, KTM9: Chris Gosselaar, Honda6: Casey Lytle, Yamaha2: Rodrig Thain, Yamaha1: Casey Johnson, Honda21: Brock Sellards, KTM

250cc Laps Led After Five Rounds39: David Vuillemin, Yamaha25: Ricky Carmichael9: Travis Pastrana, Suzuki6: Mike LaRocco, Honda5: Kevin Windham, Suzuki15: Jeremy McGrath, Yamaha1: Michael Byrne, Honda

125cc Western Regional Supercross Event Standings:1. Brock Sellards, Sherrodsville, Ohio, KTM2. Christopher Gosselaar, Juniper Hills, Calif., Honda3. Billy Laninovich, Ramona, Calif., KTM4. Kevin Johnson, Albuquerque, N.M., Yamaha5. Travis Preston, Hesperia, Calif., Honda6. Joseph Oehlhof, Wapakoneta, Ohio, Yamaha7. Keith Johnson, Albuquerque, N.M., Yamaha8. Travis Elliot, Alvin, Texas, Honda9. Justin Buckelew, Albuquerque, N.M., KTM10. Ivan Tedesco, Albuquerque, N.M., Yamaha

125cc Western Regional Supercross Season Standings:1. James Stewart, Haines City, Fla., Kawasaki, 104 pts2. Travis Preston, Hesperia, Calif., Honda, 83 pts3. Ivan Tedesco, Albuquerque, N.M., Yamaha, 82 pts4. Brock Sellards, Sherrodsville, Ohio, KTM, 77 pts5. Christopher Gosselaar, Juniper Hills, Calif., Honda, 76 pts6. Rodrig Thain, France, Yamaha, 64 pts7. David Pingree, Temecula, Calif., KTM, 62 pts8. Keith Johnson, Albuquerque, N.M., Yamaha, 59 pts9. Travis Elliot, Alvin, Texas, Honda, 55 pts10. Craig Decker, Palm Desert, Calif., 48 pts

250cc EA SPORTS Supercross Event Standings: 1. Ricky Carmichael, Havana, Fla., Honda2. Stephane Roncada, Menifee, Kawasaki3. David Vuillemin, France, Yamaha4. Mike LaRocco, South Bend, Ind., Honda5. Nathan Ramsey, Corona, Calif., Honda6. Jeremy McGrath, Encinitas, Calif., Yamaha7. Travis Pastrana, Annapolis, Md., Suzuki8. Michael Byrne, Australia, Honda9. Ernesto Fonseca, Costa Rica, Honda10. Ezra Lusk, Acworth, Ga., Kawasaki

250cc EA SPORTS Supercross Season Standings1. David Vuillemin, France, Yamaha 112 pts2. Mike LaRocco, South Bend, Ind., Honda, 103 pts3. Ricky Carmichael, Havana, Fla., Honda, 87 pts4. Travis Pastrana, Annapolis, Md., Suzuki, 80 pts5. Ezra Lusk, Acworth, Ga., Kawasaki, 68 pts6. Nathan Ramsey, Corona, Calif., Honda, 65 pts7. Stephane Roncada, Menifee, Calif., Kawasaki, 638. Jeremy McGrath, Encinitas, Calif., Yamaha 619. Michael Byrne, Australia, Honda, 56 pts10. Kevin Windham, Centerville, Miss., Suzuki, 48 pts

2002 Clear Channel Entertainment Bonus Awards Program

U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company Adult Pro Privateer Challenge AwardsKyle Lewis: $5,666Heath Voss: $5,666Nick Wey: $5,666Michael Craig: $2,666Jean Sebastian-Roy: $5,666Ryan Terlecki: $833Ted Campbell: $833Ryan Clark: $1,666James Polvolny Jr.: $1,666Tyler Evans: $1,333Daniel Blair: $833Isaiah Johnson: $833

125cc $1,000 PowerAde Holeshot AwardDavid Pingree (Anaheim, Round 1): $1,000Rodrig Thain (San Diego): $1,000James Stewart (Anaheim, Round 3): $1,000Casey Lytle (Phoenix): $1,000Brock Sellards (Anaheim, Round 5): $1,000

250cc $1,500 PowerAde Holeshot AwardMichael Byrne (Anaheim, Round 1): $1,500Kevin Windham (San Diego and Anaheim, Round 2): $3,000Jeremy McGrath (Phoenix and Anaheim, Round 5): $3,000Kyle Lewis: $5,666Heath Voss: $5,666Nick Wey: $5,666Michael Craig: $2,666Jean Sebastian-Roy: $5,666Ryan Terlecki: $833Ted Campbell: $833Ryan Clark: $1,666James Polvolny Jr.: $1,666Tyler Evans: $1,333Daniel Blair: $833Isaiah Johnson: $833

125cc $1,000 PowerAde Holeshot AwardDavid Pingree (Anaheim, Round 1): $1,000Rodrig Thain (San Diego): $1,000James Stewart (Anaheim, Round 3): $1,000Casey Lytle (Phoenix): $1,000Brock Sellards (Anaheim, Round 5): $1,000

250cc $1,500 PowerAde Holeshot AwardMichael Byrne (Anaheim, Round 1): $1,500Kevin Windham (San Diego and Anaheim, Round 2): $3,000Jeremy McGrath (Phoenix and Anaheim, Round 5): $3,000