Injury Update

Sometimes it seems that half the challenge of an upcoming Supercross season it making it to the season.

When Yamaha of Troy’s Josh Hansen crashed while trail riding with Mike Craig and Shae Bentley last weekend, he ended up going off a cliff and catching a handlebar in his lower abdomen. The result was a torn lower intestine and way more surgery, stitches and staples than anyone would ever wish for.

The good news is, while he’s still in the hospital dreaming of solid food, his condition is improving and it looks like he’ll be released this Friday.

While making a full recovery is obviously the priority, he’s already planning on being back on the bike in six to eight weeks! He’ll miss the first few West Coast Supercross races, but current plans call for him to be back by the third or fourth round. That’s way better news than some of the rumors that were floating around…like that he’d be out for an entire year.

Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Justin Buckelew is healing up from surgery for a kneecap he broke at the Kawasaki test track. He scored a pair of pins, and is about mid-way through his recouperation period.

Let’s be careful out there…