Innovation Sports is pleased to introduce C.Ti. Wrist

Foothill Ranch, CA — Innovation Sports and All Sport Dynamics have announced a strategic partnership to develop Innovation Sports brand wrist braces. Based on the All Sport HXT and EXT products, C.Ti. Wrist braces have both preventative and post-injury applications. Used properly, they provide rigid support to help prevent injury of the wrist. For post-injury use, C.Ti. Wrist braces are covered under most insurance plans (with a physician’s prescription) and help restore the functional and structural characteristics of the injured wrist. C.Ti. Wrist braces enable injured riders to return to activity sooner, while reducing the risk of re-injury.

Available in both custom and off-the-shelf models, C.Ti. Wrist braces allow for limited and controlled extension (and flexion, if needed) of the wrist, specific to the rider’s maximum range-of-motion. This is accomplished with a patent-pending, bi-axial, articulating hinge system that also allows ulnar and radial movement. The open-palm design is comfortable and limits obstruction of the patient’s grip, while the rigid dorsal frame provides stability and support. The frame is constructed of a high-strength, lightweight combination of kevlar composite, epoxy resin and carbon fiber.

“The partnership of the companies just made sense, said Jim Castillo, founder of Innovation Sports. “As Innovation Sports extends its product line to other joints of the body, we feel that All Sport Dynamics has already fulfilled the requirements for an exceptional wrist support. Instead of competing with each other, both companies felt efforts would be better utilized in a collaboration. And since All Sport’s wrist products parallel C.Ti. knee braces in almost every aspect of design, materials and production, the partnership has been an easy fit.

Jeff Brewer, President of All Sport Dynamics, agreed. “We have always modeled our company and products after Innovation Sports and are excited to be working with them. With their R&D capabilities and established positions in both the medical and motocross industries, we look forward to further developing the C.Ti. Wrist product line.

Innovation Sports ignited a knee bracing revolution in the early 80s with the C.Ti. and altered motocross protection forever in the early 90s. Innovation Sports is committed to providing the best protection for riders with its complete line of both upper and lower extremity offerings.

To locate an Innovation Sports representative in your area, contact the Innovation Sports Customer Service Department at 1-800-222-4284.