By Brendan Lutes

This past week it was announced that the VMS/Yamaha team will no longer be operating for 2013. After completing the 2013 Monster Energy Supercross series, the team’s owner decided to close up shop and sit out the Lucas Oil AMA Motocross Championship. The decision has left team riders Travis Baker and Kyle Regal out of a ride and the team personnel out of work. There is still a chance that the team will return next year, but for now, they are officially done for 2013. During the Salt Lake City round the the Supercross series, Scott Dimick gave us an inside look into Baker’s YZ250F.

For Supercross, the VMS/Yamaha team received helped from Factory Yamaha. “For the first six rounds, we were using a motor that was supplied from Yamaha,” Scott Dimick said. “But now we are doing the motor completely in-house and it's just about identical to what we had from Yamaha. Travis likes his motors to hit really hard and have a lot of torque. We're trying to get the most power that we can out of these bikes, so we push them pretty hard.”

Getting a lot of power out of a 250cc four-stroke takes work, but the VMS team managed to do exactly that. “We use a lot of the GYTR components from Yamaha—basically the entire clutch,” Dimick said. “Pro Circuit has been helping us out a lot with the piston and exhaust. As far as the head, Alan from CT Racing do the heads and we have been able to get a lot of power out of the head.”

The YZ250F is the only 250cc four-stroke to be carbureted, which adds another dimension to performance. But for Supercross, not too much tweaking is needed. “We did a lot of work with jetting,” Dimick said. “We did some stuff on the dyno to get the power right, then went out to the track to make sure what we found on the dyno worked.”

Baker runs A-Kit suspension from Pro Circuit. “We've had the same settings since Anahiem I,” Dimick said. “Travis isn't super picky with his suspension. We just get it serviced and keep it fresh for him. The SFF stuff is really good and it's a little bit lighter than the regular suspension that has two springs. I think we have a really good setup with the Pro Circuit suspension and linkage. It's a good package.”

Brembo supplies an over-sized front brake for added braking power.

Pro Circuit helps with an exhaust system and internal engine parts as well. The system helps to boost the power all throughout the powerband, giving Baker the added power that he needs.