Intern Adventures From Matt Pavelek

Matt Pavelek just made history; he became the first ever TransWorld Motocross intern in our six-year history (well, at least the first-ever male intern, that is) to make it through the rigorous TWMX program unscathed. (He was also the only guy who has ever asked us to try…) Over the course of the last five weeks, Matt has followed us around as we shot photos, wrote stories, edited video, and goofed off, amongst other things. Since today is his last day on the job, we asked the 17-year-old from Glendale, Arizona to give us a summary of his experiences while working with the TWMX crew. Here’s what he had to say, and on the right-hand side of the page is a photo gallery of his favorite photos from the internship…

Well, the whole TransWorld Intern experience started back in September, during the final round of last year’s Nationals at Glen Helen. Thanks to Mike Alessi for taking out Ivan Tedesco in a corner and ending up in a huge brawl; I happened to be shooting in that same corner and caught the whole incident on my memory card. Soon after the race was over, I e-mailed Garth to see if he would like to use my photos, and without hesitation he did.

Fast forward a few months later and I was almost out of high school, soon to be a college student enrolled in the photojournalism program at Arizona State University. I wanted to get some magazine experience under my belt, so yet again Garth and I exchanged e-mails, this time talking about the possibility of an internship for the summer. When that e-mail came with the big yes, I jumped out of my chair and started looking for a place to stay.

June 12th rolled around and I was California-bound; living in Huntington Beach and interning for TransWorld, what could be better! I really didn’t know what to expect when I first arrived at the office. As soon as I arrived, Garth made me feel right at home and from there on I knew this was going to be good.

My daily duties at the office consisted of helping everyone out and transcribing those long interviews. Being in the office really showed me how the whole magazine is put together on a monthly basis. I never realized how much work goes into putting a magazine together.

When the guys would go to the track to ride or test I would always go along to shoot. This was my favorite part, bar none. Living in Arizona, I really don’t get to shoot too many pros, and every time we went out I would come back with good photos. We mainly went to Competitive Edge, which is an awesome track with amazing photo opportunities.

A big part of magazine work is also studio photography. Garth took me to all his studio shoots, from an extremely nice studio to Brendan holding the lights on a table, which really didn’t work out too well. I’ve never seen a real studio before, so I was super excited to go and see how good the pictures come out. The lighting is perfect, and every shot is worthy of making it into the magazine.

The best photo experience that I had on the whole trip happened to come on the last day, when we met up with freeriders Dan Pastor and Taylor Sterner out in Chino Hills. This was the first time I had ever shot freeriding, and it did not disappoint. Immediately, Pastor and Sterner started busting out and I was in awe! Dana Nicholson showed up, and we got to ride around in his Prerunner,., that one shook Garth up a bit! Overall, I had a great time out there and I cannot thank Garth enough for taking me with him.

The intern experience was so much fun, and I learned a lot of valuable information that will help out once I start school in the fall. The guys at the office gave great advice about everything. Interning at TransWorld Motocross is something that I will never forget, and hopefully I can do it again soon. I have to thank Donn, Brendan, Ryan, Luis and especially Garth for making this summer the best I’ve ever had!