Introducing Digital Camo Skins

In this day in age you can skin just about anything. Your cell phone for example… It’s a device you have with you 24/7. Why not make it look cool? But what’s cool? Well if you take a look at what’s out there, some companies think its dolphins swimming in the ocean. Nothing against dolphins…but they belong in the ocean. Not on your phone. Here at Digital Camo we like to create designs that are unique and stylish. We want you to be happy with your skin. Once you have found the design that is right for you, the uniqueness doesn’t stop there.

All Digital Camo iPhone skins and iPod skins are made with a sub-surfaced printed 7 mil crystal clear vinyl. Unlike other skins our skins are slightly thinker for easier application and prolonged durability. Choose from an array of designs in several color combinations. Add your name and choose a cool font to customize your skin.

Skins for most cpu’s, external hard drives, and laptops are made with a satin finished vinyl. The satin finish mimics the texture of your desktop device. This allows the device to retain its feel. While most skins have a glossy or shiny look, this unique process allows your skin to have a more matte finish and still retain vibrant colors. Truly a very unique process. A G5 CPU skin covers approximately 900 square inches of surface area. This skin is gigantic!

Take a look around our site. See what designs suit you. Check back often for New designs and more innovative products coming soon from Digital Camo.