These days, cell phone cameras are so good that point-and-shoot camera sales have slowed drastically. That’s when it occurred to us: with social networking like Facebook and Instagram being so popular, everyone has a ton of great photos on their phones! Curious to see what was on the phone of one of our sport’s big timers, we hit up Team Geico Honda’s Wil Hahn and asked him to send us 10-15 random photos that were already on his phone. This is what we got. Enjoy!

Doctor G was kind enough to take a photo of my broken nose from Anaheim 1. Look how crooked that thing is!


Robert Egger is my hero. He’s designed all the Specialized bicycles for the past 10 or 15 years.


KTM motor guy taking a snooze, just like his Fantasy Football team.


Pure love.


My show kitty.


Thank you, Beeker! Rajon Rondo is the point guard for the Boston Celtics. He can dribble it down fast.


Be careful in Texas! A mountain lion will eat you.


This is my buddy Greg. I love it when he wears his velociraptor glasses!


All day.


This was back in the day, when I used to hang out with Bogle. We were sailors.


We got fans.


I had to use the jersey. Thanks, Doc G! He got me tickets to the Celtics/Clippers game.


Tom and I are brothers. Good looks run in the family, as you can see.


This is what I wish I looked like all the time, but I can’t grow facial hair. I got this out of a quarter machine.


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