Iron Pony Brings the Midwest into Premiere Mode

Iron Pony Motorsports, the retail giant in Westerville, Ohio, stepped up to the plate with their own version for the Premiere of TWMX¿s latest ¿ Stone Spray Sandwich!  In classic laid back fashion, The Iron Pony crew decided to show the movie throughout the shopping day the Saturday following Thanksgiving.

They set up a cool area in the Iron Pony Rider¿s Lounge, an area with its own vibe within the massive retail outlet.  The had special seating and a big screen for those who wanted to just chill and watch the whole movie, but also had the movie playing throughout their 100,000 square foot mega store on over 20 monitors for all to see while picking out their favorite gear, parts and accessories.

This was not Iron Pony¿s first time with an in store promotion either, they are old pros.  Iron Pony has hosted many ride nights which they call ¿Bike Nights at the Pony¿ where they have had bands, DJs, food, tons of swag to give out.

Keep an eye out for upcoming promotions at the Pony ¿ they are on it.  Still haven¿t seen Stone Spray Sandwich ¿ get your local show to hop on the premiere tour and contact Transworld at 760-722-7777 x 128.