Supercross: The Movie Factoid

In 2005 the total attendance for the 15 live Supercross events was over 750,000 and the total viewership on ESPN2 for the season exceeded ten million households.

Supercross is the ultimate youth sport with most riders between the ages of 16 and 25. These top riders are among the best-conditioned athletes in the world. They¿re placed in the same league as boxers, football and soccer players.

Filming for Supercross: The Movie began three years ago after Steve Austin, President of TAG Entertainment, discovered a passion for supercross, ¿When I saw first-hand the intensity of the riders I developed an appreciation and love for the sport. I knew then I wanted to capture it all in a film.¿ Supercross: The Movie will hit theaters August 17.

Supercross: The Movie is the first ever narrative motion picture to expose supercross racing to the outside world. Most of the movie was shot in Southern California, the mecca of supercross and motocross. While filming at live events, it gave fans filling the stadium the opportunity to be a part of the movie. Some of the most significant scenes were filmed at the Supercross finals in Las Vegas.