It’s Official, Buddy Antunez Gets The Honda Team To Compete in the 2004 ¿ 2005 National Arenacross Series

Buddy Antunez, past five-time champion of the National Arenacross Series, gets the nod from Honda to run their 2004 ¿ 2005 National Arenacross team.  His company, THE AGENTS, will oversee the promotion and publicity of the team and its sponsors, as well as obtain sponsors for the team.

In the short period of time that Buddy found out he would get the team, he and his company have already pooled a number of sponsors for the team, the major sponsor being Fun Bike Center, out of San Diego.  Fun Bike Center (FBC) is currently involved in Supermoto and Supercross, most notably by sponsoring Supercross star, Jeremy McGrath. 

The team will be made up of two riders and managed by Gregg Lynk, who will handle operation of the team at the track.  The two riders are Brad Hagseth and Shane Bess.  Anyone familiar with Arenacross knows that Brad is a veteran of the series and has always been consistent.  This year, with a solid team behind him and rigorous training, he will be a real contender for the championship.  Shane was chosen, partially based on his performance on his obtaining second overall, only three points behind the leader, in the 2004 National Four Stroke Series.   Both riders have looked great in practice and should do well this season.

The team came about as a result of Buddy¿s reputation and experience within this series, as well as his real-world business sense.  Initially, Buddy and his business partner in THE AGENTS, Steve Aldaco, met with Chad Sage at Fun Bike Center in San Diego regarding the possibilities of an Arenacross team.  Fun Bike Center recognized the potential in backing a team and gave Buddy the GO.  Buddy stated, ¿I am pumped that Chad at Fun Bike Center (FBC) saw the possibilities in having a team in the Arenacross Series.  That coupled with backing from Honda should prove to be a team to be watched.   My number one goal is to provide the promotion of the team in an attempt to give the sponsors the publicity they seek.  The riders are in great shape and will simply need to go out and ride at their full potential.  If each does that, they will be riding for the championship.  This season should be a lot of fun.  We plan on providing a lot of promotion to the Fun Bike Center / Honda  team and to all of the sponsors involved.  We are also developing several unique ideas for the riders to get involved in, on and off of the track.  It is going to be great, and I think everyone involved will like the results.  This series and the fans are obviously very special to me and I hope I can provide the fans with a great show and give something back to those who have supported me for so long.  I¿ll see you at the races.¿  

Buddy would like to thank all of the team¿s sponsors.  They are:  American Honda, Fun Bike Center (FBC), Troy Lee Designs, Factory Connection , PPG Industries, The Herbrant Company, Dunlop Tires, Dr. D, Oakley, Renthal, Hinson Clutch Components, Red Button 7, Astrisk, EK Chains, Motorsportsproduct, Factory Effex, Twin Air, VP Fuels, Galfer, E Line, ARC Levers, Tokyo Mods, DC Shoes, Alpinestars, and KMC Wheels. 

If you would like THE AGENTS to work for you or your team, contact Buddy Antunez at (951) 205-4686 or via e-mail at or Steve Aldaco at (951) 205-3348, or via e-mail at