It’s Official: Jeremy McGrath Joins DC

Vista, CA . . . Longtime friends Jeremy McGrath and DC Shoes have made their partnership official today. A legend in Supercross and motocross racing, and an exceptional Supermoto and 50cc racer, McGrath has joined the DC motocross team.

Jeremy collaborated with DC designers and One Industries to bring the first-ever signature 50cc graphic to stores this fall. “The 50 market is blowing up right now and this partnership gives us the chance to work with a phenomenal 50 racer who’s also a great friend, said DC president Ken Block. “Jeremy makes a perfect spokesperson for DC, too, and he’s loved and appreciated by all his fans, he added.

Born in San Francisco and raised in Menifee, CA, Jeremy transitioned from racing BMX bikes to motorcycles at age 14. Two years later, he took first place at the Loretta Lynn Classic. By the time Jeremy retired earlier this year, he had made history as the all-time winningest Supercross rider, with 74 career wins, including 8 AMA and 2 World Supercross Championship titles.

The way I see it, DC is one of the coolest and most influential brands out there, Jeremy said. “Ken and I have been friends for many years. DC has always been a company I have looked up to and had respect for. I’m proud to say I am finally an official DC team rider, and I think other 50 riders will really like this new signature graphic. It’s the first of its kind, he said.

“To us, Jeremy successfully represents what every DC team member across the board has…the drive to be the very best, said Ken. “Although he’s retired from professional motocross racing, he’s an icon and is still very active in many motorcycle sports. Plus, he’s a great fit for DC. I am really psyched to welcome him to the team.

As well as DC, Jeremy rides for Dunlop, Fun Bike Center, Hinson, Bell, Spy, Thor and Parts Unlimited.