TWMX Product Report: Supercross Classics 1983-1989


PRICE: $30


WHAT IT IS: “Supercross Classics 1983-1989” is a new DVD released by Live Nation (the same group that currently brings Supercross to stadiums across North America), and features retro race footage from over two decades ago when the sport you now love was just being pioneered. In the two-disc set you’ll see all of the legendary stars from the past battling for the checkers, riders like Ron Lechien and David Bailey to emerging talents for the era, including Jeff Stanton. Total running time is approximately 210 minutes, and besides the great racing action, there are several interesting and sometimes hilarious podium interviews included.

HITS: The “hits” with this one are pretty self-explanatory; great retro racing action packed onto two DVDs means that you can finally toss a bunch of those old VHS tapes that are collecting dust in your attic. Also, fans both young and old will undoubtedly appreciate the racing; the older set will love all of the memories associated with it, and younger riders get a chance to see the roots of the sport they now love (while at the same time enjoying a chuckle or two at the fashions of yore¿).

MISSES: The few problems we had with the “Supercross Classics” DVD set mostly involved content (or lack thereof). No special features were offered on the menu, and only random races from each year (about three per year) were on the discs. The biggest disappointment? We’re sure there is some sort of logical explanation for it, but the epic battle between David Bailey and Rick Johnson at Anaheim in 1986 was nowhere to be found!

THE VERDICT: While there are plenty of holes in coverage of the racing action and we would have also enjoyed seeing some cool special features, this DVD set is still worth having and will provide hours of entertainment and interest. One of our favorite parts was seeing the controversy that spawned from the old qualifying system that was imposed for a short time, where heat race winners were forced to start from the second row and thus threw their qualifying races at the last minute by pretending to have bike problems or crashes. Hilarious!

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