Ivan Tedesco Rides Again

Team Makita Suzuki’s Ivan Tedesco phoned the TransWorld Motocross offices late this afternoon to check in and share some good news: today, January 3, he got back on his factory RM-Z450 for the first time since suffering three broken bones in his left hand at the December 2 Toronto Supercross.

Tedesco had just finished up a therapy session in the CVAC pod, a high-tech device used by several top racers that simulates the air pressure of being at high altitude. This, and plenty of physical therapy, is what Sauce attributes to his quick healing time and potential Anaheim 1 return…

What’s happening, Ivan?

I just got out of the CVAC. I got released by my doctor this morning, so I went home, loaded up and went to the Lake Elsinore MX Park Supercross track and rode for the first time, then came to do a session in the CVAC.

Have you been doing the CVAC all along, since the pods were in Doc G’s offices?

Yeah, there is a place in Temecula that has them, and I have been consistently using them ever since. I really believe in them, and they are especially great for healing up injuries. For swelling, the thing is amazing; it gets the swelling out right away.

You must be worked up to a pretty gnarly altitude by now, huh?

Yeah, I can take it as high as it will go for the full session. They are working on a stronger one that takes you up to an even higher altitude.

So tell us about your first ride back on the bike. How did you feel?

Bud, I was pumped! I felt way better than I thought I would. I was a little sore in my hand, but my cardio was good and my arms didn’t pump up and my timing was all still there. I felt good and I had a lot of fun.

So are you a go for this weekend at Anaheim, then?

I am still going to ride tomorrow and Friday before I make a final decision, but they way it is looking right now, I would say so. I am just happy that I have the chance to go out there and start the season with everyone, without missing any races. I am going in to get some points, but with no real expectations.

Given the fact that you will be going there to salvage some points and stay in the hunt, who do you see as the favorite for the win?

Oh man I would have to say Ricky. The guy is going so fast right now. I have seen him ride plenty, and he is going faster than ever. I think he is gonna win it. At least he should…

Do you see him sticking to his guns and walking away from the series, even if he has the points lead?

Yeah, I do. He made a decision and I think he will stick to his guns. RC doesn’t get greedy. He has made other commitments, and when he does that he takes them very seriously.

Getting back to your hand, does it hurt when you hit the whoops, or use the clutch?

No, not really. I’m really glad about that. The guys at CTi are making me some sort of carbon fiber guard for it to keep me safe. It’s not one of their wrist braces; it’s a one-off hand guard of some sort. I haven’t seen it yet, but it should be cool.

Have you seen those fur-lined hand warmers that dudes on Goldwing touring bikes use? You know, the ones that they insert their whole forearm into? You should have big gnarly carbon guards like that made for the left side of your Pro Tapers!

Yeah that’s a great idea! I am gonna get on that, especially if Bubba is gonna keep riding the way he was! (Laughs)

How did you stay in shape while you were injured? Given the fact that you had a busted hand, I know you couldn’t cycle…

Well, I haven’t been able to run for several years, so I had to ease back into that. I did lots of two-ups: training in the morning and again at night. I just tried to stay in as best cardio shape as possible.

Time off the bike usually results in arm pump, but you said you had none?

No, none at all. I am really relieved about that.

Hey Sauce, have you seen the new issue of TransWorld Motocross?

Yeah, the one with Villopoto on the cover?

Yeah, that one…

(Laughs) Yeah, I saw it, you fag!

C’mon dude, you knew all along, didn’t you?

No way. I thought it was for real. I just thought it was some dorky lawyer dude, so I figured I would have a little fun with him.

A multi-time champ down at the Baja 1000, eh?

(Laughs) Yeah.

See you on Saturday, Sauce, and thanks for calling.

No problem, bud. See you there!