Ivan Tedesco Talks about the MXdN

As most people already know Mike Brown was dropped from the U.S. Motocross des Nations team early this week. With the des Nations just around the corner and the nationals a few weeks away from wrapping up, time is everything for the team. Needless to say the decision came as quite a surprise to everyone.

Ever since there has been a torrent of talk about why it happened, how it happened and how the newly chosen rider feels about the decision. We decided to get straight to the bottom of it all and ask the new rider, Ivan Tedesco, himself. He filled us in on how the whole situation has affected him, and how he is going to proceed. We also wanted to get the other side of the story from Brownie, but unfortunately he was unavailable for comment.

How does it feel to be chosen for the team?

Man, of course I’m stoked. I think everybody feels it’s an honor to go over there. I’m excited to go and hopefully we can go over there and kick some ass.

What do you think of the decision that was made?

I kind of feel bad. It kind of sucks for Brown, and I feel bad, but it’s not really my deal I was asked to go and of course I’m going to take the opportunity to go over there if I’m asked. It wasn’t me making the call so hopefully there aren’t any hard feelings towards me. I guess – I don’t know ¿ everybody just decided that this is what’s best for the team. I’m excited to go for sure.

Are you able to tell us anything about what happened and why Brown was released?

I have no idea. I just got a phone call yesterday from Steve Whitlock. I heard some rumors about how they were thinking about doing this, but nothing was for sure. Then I got a phone call yesterday from Steve and he asked if I want to go. I asked a few questions about how it went down with Mike and how he was going to handle all of that. Steve said it was fine. So I said I would do it.

What bike are you going to be riding?

I will be riding the same bike I am riding right now: My Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki. I think that our bike is good and should be competitive with everybody over there in Europe.

Earlier this year Kawasaki did not want to pay for James Stewart to be sent over. Is there anything like that with you?

No, it is pretty much Mitch’s (Payton) deal. He wants to go over there, and I asked him if it was cool if I go and he said yeah. He’s stoked and he wants to go. He’s going to take everybody over there and do the whole deal. I don’t know how the expenses work but if I have to pay out of my own pocket I’ll do that. It’s an honor to go over there.

Has it always been a goal of yours to go to the Motocross des Nations?

No, you know what? I never really thought about it to tell you the truth. I’ve just never really thought I would actually go. I just didn’t think that I would be one of the guys outdoors that would be picked to go. So it never really even crossed my mind.