Jake Moss at Round 8 of the Australian MX Nationals

Jake Moss had an eventful day at round 8 of the Australian MX Nationals. Qualifying 1st to have number 1 gate pick for moto 1, things were looking good.

Moto 1 was dominated by series leader Jake Moss of Serco Yamaha until lap 9 when a mechanical problem caused a breakdown leaving him sidelined and frustrated as he was forced to withdraw from the race.

Fullnoise.com said “In the Lites Serco Yamaha’s Jake Moss looked to be headed to another white wash as the pole winner blitzed past holeshot winner Mitch Hoad in the opening lap of moto one and headed of into the distance. But lady luck wasn’t on the championship leaders side as his bike struck mechanical dramas which left him with a walk back to the pits.”

After Moto 1, Serco Yamaha Team Manager Gavin Eales said that they didn’t know yet what exactly caused the breakdown of Jake Moss’ bike in Moto 1, but that Moss would change to a spare bike for Moto 2.

In Moto 2, Jake Moss had a point to prove after his mechanical failure in Moto 1 and pulled away to take an easy 1st. “Moss laid down the law in moto two after pegging back holeshot winner Danny Anderson.” (courtesy fullnoise.com.au)

Jake Moss said that he felt much better in the second Moto. “Luckily it was fine. I felt much better in the second race than the first, but I knew I had to win the second. I’m happy though because I’ve managed to come out of today without any effect on my points standing.”

In moto 2 Jake had the fastest lap by 2 seconds over the 2nd place Lites rider and was with in less than 1/2 a second of 450 moto 2 winner Dan Reardon.

Jake has a 79 point lead and looks forward to rapping up the title at round 9 of 10 and planning for his future in America.