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Jake Weimer

The collision between Jake Weimer and Malcolm Stewart at the 2014 High Point MX was truly a worst-case scenario for any motocross racer. What started as a simply crash on one of the track’s uphill runs took a turn when Weimer realized he in a blind, fast landing of a jump. Despite an attempt at getting anyone’s attention, Weimer was slammed by Malcolm Stewart when he came flying over the obstacle. While it may not have softened the blow, the instinct to turn his body and let his back take the brunt of the hit may have been beneficially for the Monster Energy Kawasaki rider, because it kept the impact from his internal organs. (The crash is currently one of the first results when Weimer’s name is searched on YouTube.)

After a few weeks on the couch, numerous visits with doctors, and residual blood still pooling in his lower back, Weimer is aboard the bike and building towards a return to the starting gate. When that will happen is still unsure, as he is able to clock full motos on the smoother courses of Southern California but has concerns when it comes to the rough terrain of the East Coast. Between practice laps at Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park on Monday morning, we at┬áspoke about the crash, comeback from injury, and what has been determined for 2015…

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I had crashed and gotten up, and I couldn't see anybody coming and didn't see any yellow flags. So I figured that I was going to get hit, but obviously I hoped not. That whole thing (the collision with Malcolm Stewart) happened and I went to the Asterisk rig. It was tough. For a week I was on my couch and couldn't even move, but it is getting better now. It is one of those things that shows this is a tough sport.

Jake Weimer

The only thing for me that is disappointing is that getting hit and Malcolm crashing never should have happened, had there been appropriate flaggers or a flagger there to let people know that I had crashed in a blind spot. Had somebody been doing their job, that wouldn't have happened. Obviously I had already crashed and that is my fault, but I would have at least gotten up and finished the race. Luckily for Malcolm he wasn't hurt and is still racing. It is frustrating, but there's nothing to do about it now.

Getting on the plane that night was bad. Bodnar had given me some pain medication there, so I had that but then thought, "There is no way I can get on a plane now." With the medication I felt a little bit better, but I still didn't feel like I could do it. I called to see if I could get on the flight and heard that I could, so I decided to do it or else I would have had to get up at four in the morning for my original flight. Before actually getting on the plane, I changed my mind three times. "Nope, I can't do it. Alright, I will now." By the time I got home, with the time change and everything, I had been up for 22 hours. It was a rough day.

Jake Weimer

For a week or so, I couldn't do anything. I could get around the house, but I didn't drive or anything. I was legitimately hurting, but it is getting better. My issue now is that I'm still tight in my back, which is fine, but I have a little bit of pain that isn't too bad and I can deal with that. The problem is the hematoma and all of the blood in my lower back is still causing issues. I'm here at Elsinore and just did a 30-minute moto, which I can do, but I have to decided if I can do it at a National where it is much different than out here. Yeah, I can get it done here where it is smooth, but I don't know if my back could hold up yet or not. Anytime you are hurt and it's not a broken bone is tough, because there is not a right answer.

Jake Weimer

(Contract wise for 2015) I have nothing right now. I'm talking and trying to make something happen, but no one is moving too quickly. Having some results wouldn't hurt, but it's hard to get results when you are hurt.

I don't know what I'd do (if nothing came up). I've obviously talked about it, because you never know and it is possible. Honestly I don't know and it is wide open.