One of the bigger story lines from Oakland was the sudden absence of Jake Weimer. The Monster Energy Kawasaki rider turned in laps during all three practice sessions, but was MIA when it was time for the night show. As it turns out, Weimer was and still is battling with a bout of pneumonia, and it was simply too much to overcome last weekend. Sitting out the event has helped the budding 450 rider, as he is back at Kawasaki test track and will line-up this weekend at Anaheim Three.

You missed last weekend in Oakland because you were sick. Was it pneumonia or just a really bad case of the flu?

No, it was pneumonia. Which sounds crazy, because everyone thinks I'll be done for a month, but I'll tell you what I was told. I thought I had the flu and then thought it turned into a cold, so I talked to Dr. Ryman and he got me a Z-pack. I started taking that, but on the second or third day, it started getting worse and I felt like I had the flu again. I was thinking I'd have to ride it out by just laying on the couch and in bed. I got to the point that I was feeling so terrible and miserable that I had to go to the doctor. They did the whole thing, checked my temperature, put the thing on my arm, and listened to my lungs, but then he wanted to do X-rays. At that point, it didn't still register to me. Then he told me I had pneumonia and fluid in my left lung. He gave me a shot of antibiotics, told me to stop taking the Z-pack and gave me other antibiotics, and told me to come back in a few days, which was last Thursday. Then he said that it was still there, but at that point I was feeling a lot better than I had been. He said, "This is your job and how you make a living, so you can go and try to get through it." My question was if I did that, would I get worse. He said, "If you get through the night, then rest for a few days, you will be fine. You'll only get worse if you keep going and burning yourself down." I went and I tried, but I was too weak. I rode all three practices and after the third one decided not to ride. Safety-wise, I was just weak and wasn't strong enough to do it. I called it then. It's probably for the better. I feel a lot better, but I still don't feel 100-percent. When I would yawn, I would hear the fluid in my lungs, and now I don't. I'm sure I am not 100-percent, but I am on the road to getting better.

Aside from the sick weekend, how do you feel the season has gone?

Not terrible. Obviously, I'd hope to be better, but I don't think I have been so far off of the mark that it is not obtainable to get to the front pack. In the three races I have done, I went 5-6-5. From the four in front of me at Anaheim One, there was a bit of a gap, then me, then another gap. At Phoenix, there were the five in front of me, a gap, then me, then a little gap. And it was the same thing at Anaheim Two. Dungey was on me at the end, but typically, he is in the front pack. There is just the next step I need to find. I'm not pissed or bummed. I think I can do it. I'm going to have to figure it out, but I can get that next step to race for podiums.