Jake Weimer has a laundry list of injuries from his horrifying Detroit SX crash with Trey Canard. He is hoping to be released this week.

 Jake Weimer Injury Update

Tedder Racing Monster Energy’s Jake Weimer was involved in a brutal crash at last weekend’s Detroit SX in which he mis-timed a rhythm section and was landed on by Honda’s Trey Canard. In the crash, Weimer’s face, neck, and chest were slammed forward into the handlebars. According to his wife, Nicole Weimer, Jake suffered a concussion, a mild pneumothorax in his left lung, bruised vocal chords, a large gash on his chin, and a broken adam’s apple. He also suffered a broken right humerus and has already undergone surgery to have it plated.

“He’s not sure what happened,” said his wife. “He is just starting to remember the day, period. He’s doing much better now, just very sore and banged up. We have been here at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, but we’re hoping he will be released Thursday so that we can go home.

“Today has been Jacob’s best day so far. Overall, we are very grateful it wasn’t worse. Thank you everyone for all the love and support.”

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Nicole Weimer sent us this photo of Jake from Saturday night, when he was first admitted. “He was so out of it, that he stuck his finger in the gash in his chin,” she said. Yikes!