James “Bubba” Stewart & Mike Parsons Win 5th Annual Fox Surfercross!

Irvine, CA. (August 6, 2003) — James “Bubba” Stewart, who only started surfing two weeks ago, and renowned big-wave rider & event co-founder, Mike Parsons, utilized consistent results in both the Pro Motocross and Pro Surfing events to capture the top spot.

More than 84 competitors from surfing & motocross competed in the annual event in both the Pro and Industry classes.

The list of professional motocrossers participating made the event look a National. Jeremy McGrath, Chad Reed, Grant Langston, Michael Byrne, Stephane Roncada, David Vuillemin, Ernesto Fonseca, Buddy Antunez, Josh Hansen, Eric Sorby, Matt Lalloz and James Stewart all showed up and were ready to battle!

The who’s who of the surfing community was impressive with Kalani Robb, Nathan Fletcher, Dino Andino, Brad Ettinger, Ryan Sakal, Ronnie Geising, Micah Pitts, Damien Hobgood, Mike Parsons and others participating.

When the two-day event came to a conclusion and the results were posted, the combined team of Stewart/Parsons came out on top with Michael Byrne/Kalani Robb in second and Buddy Antunez/Garth Tarlow rounding out the podium.

In the Industry Class, Yamaha’s Terry Beal/Dustin Nelson won the combined overall with Oakley Lehman/Pete Murray in second and event co-founder Jeremy (J-Bone) Albrecht/Matt Armstrong finishing third.

Surfercross Overall (Pro)

  1. James Stewart/Mike Parsons
  2. Michael Byrne/Kalani Robb
  3. Buddy Antunez/Garth Tarlow
  4. Ryan Dudek/Ronnie Geising
  5. Chad Reed/Nathan Fletcher
  6. Stephane Roncada/Ronny Nelson
  7. Jeremy McGrath/Ryan Sakal
  8. Josh Hansen/Simon Severson
  9. Ivan Tedesco/Dino Andino
  10. Eric Sorby/Brad Ettinger