James Marshall Continues to Gain Strength Along His Road to Recovery

Scottsdale , AZ- Today the Road 2 Recovery Foundation received an update on James Marshall’s condition. James is able to move his left leg from side to side and his trunk strength is getting stronger as well. He is also able to now push himself up using his elbows and as well as do arm curls with 5 lb weights. He currently is able to do 10 miles a day on a bike that is connected to electrodes that stimulates the muscles and allows him to pedal the bike. When he’s on the bike his entire body sweats, which according to his doctors is quite unusual, as most people don’t sweat below the area of injury on the spinal cord. The doctor also said the muscles on his right side are firing.

James wants to thank everyone for their continued prayers and support, including everyone who has put together HelpJames.Org, which has generated many donations, and everyone out there in the motocross community who has helped him out both financially and emotionally. His spirits are high and he’s working very hard every day to improve.

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