James Stewart On Unadilla

Charlotte, N.C. (6/22/05) ¿ The following is a brief statement from James Stewart. ¿I want to thank all the fans who have supported me this year as I transition to the 250 class. As you have seen from the press release Kawasaki sent out, my doctor recommends that I sit out this weekend. I was looking forward to racing on the new track in Colorado, we tested there a few weeks ago and the track was fun. I felt great last weekend at Unadilla until Ricky and I tangled together.¿  Stewart added, ¿I personally called Ricky today, and explained that I did not mean to land on him while we were racing for the win at Unadilla. I would never land on anyone on purpose, especially a Champion like Ricky who I have always respected, and I am glad that Ricky was not hurt. The reason it happened is that I needed a strong drive from the turn before the jump to carry momentum up the next hill, so I was sweeping the outside. That’s what I was doing every lap, and I didn’t realize that I was going so much faster and that we would come together. I hope the fans get to see some great racing this weekend, I will be back soon and riding my heart out.¿ 

James Stewart, #259