James Stewart Update

We just got a call from James Stewart’s agent, David Evans, with great news about Stewart’s condition following his horrific crash during moto one at the Mt. Morris National.

“We’ve been at the hospital for a few hours and are just leaving now, said Evans. We had James thoroughly checked out and we got the best possible news, and that is that he just has a concussion. James had a CT scan to make sure the injury wasn’t more serious, and he came through all clear. Not to dismiss the seriousness of a concussion, but all of us around him are relieved to know that it is just what we thought. From the way he was talking and repeating himself, we figured he had a concussion, and thankfully it was not more severe. Obviously, James is very sore and banged up, but he’ll return to Florida tomorrow to rest and recover and hopefully come back in two weeks swinging at Southwick.

Stewart led much of the first Motocross moto and had been having a spectacular battle with defending champion Ricky Carmichael, but mistimed a tricky step down section.

“We appreciate everyone’s concern, added Evans. “James would like his fans to know that he is okay and will just need some time to rest.