Jason Anderson | First Race, First Place

Jason Anderson

Jason Anderson and the Rockstar Energy Racing Husqvarna team enjoyed a winning debut at the Stockholm Supercross in Sweden.

Jason Anderson | First Race, First Place

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By Donn Maeda

Photos by Marco Campelli

Jason Anderson has been riding his new Husqvarna FC450 for a few months now, but it wasn’t until this past weekend at the Stockholm Supercross that he gave his new Rockstar Energy Racing team machine its competition debut. At the event, Anderson topped Mike Alessi and Josh Hill in the main event, and gained a ton of confidence about where he stands, entering his first season aboard a 450cc machine. Jason called us up when he woke from his jet-lag slumber, and we quizzed him about his trip overseas…

How was the trip to Sweden, Jason?

The trip was cool. I was able to visit the old Husqvarna factory in Huskvarna, Sweden. I got to hang out with Gunner Lindstrom and Torsten Hallman who were the pioneers of the Husqvarna brand and pretty much the sport, Hallman brought motocross to America from Sweden in the 60's, so it was cool to hang out with those guys and get a little bit of a history lesson and racing was really cool, it was nice to get my feet wet and race a Supercross on the 450. I was just excited that everything went to plan and I feel like we're in a good spot headed into Monster Cup and we're going to try and do the best that we can there but the main goal is to be good at A1.

Jason Anderson

Shane McElrath (40) is the only rider who was able to top Jason Anderson in a heat race all weekend. Anderson had an off-track excursion.

Is everything on the bike suiting you well?
When I signed with the team, I knew that I liked the bike and I was comfortable on it, but I didn't know where it would be at this point. The bike is unbelievable! The development that we've done…the testing is pretty much going to plan and through riding it, I've learned more about myself on the bike and the set-up. I feel like I'm in a great spot and we've been working with the same suspension for the last year so they know me on the bike, they know my speed and they know what to do to the bike as far as interpreting my feedback. It's been a good process and I think the bike is great and if my competition came and rode the bike they'd be shocked at how good it was.
The first day you rode the 450 on the Supercross track you made a comment about needing to hit everything a little bit easier or you'll over-jump them…
It's gnarly just because it's so much faster, but I think that the more you ride it the more you adapt to it and I'm actually happy with more power now. I think that it's something you adjust to and honestly I think my riding style is a lot better on the 450. It's cool to hit big quads with more power. [Laughs]

Jason Anderson

Anderson says that the development of the new FC450 is coming along nicely.

So you topped Alessi and Hill in the race. How was it?

I don't want to say that it was easy, everyone was riding good but they didn't get as good of a start than I did, but I felt pretty good. I won all of my races except the first, I was leading and I went off the track and onto the plywood during the last lap and slid out and couldn't get up. Other than that I had a good night, I rode solid and I was pretty pumped on getting the holeshot over Mike Alessi. I going to try and get all three holeshots at Monster Cup and maybe win myself a Tundra.

I was in search of the Swedish Bikini Team while I was there for the Udevalla GP years ago, but I had no luck. Did you ever find them?

[Laughs] No I actually went to the race and it ended at 12 midnight, and my flight was at three in the am. So I just walked around and tried to pick up on some Swedish chicks.

Did you succeed?

[Laughs] Yeah, I actually pulled one!

When I went to the Udevalla GP a few years ago, I asked a waitress at a restaurant to bring me a popular Swedish dish. I was served a hot dog with mashed potatoes on top of it. Did you eat anything like that?

No, I didn’t. I was trying to stay on my diet while I was there, but it was impossible because you eat bread with everything there. I had a pancake crepe like thing, and some wiener soup. The soup was horrible. I don’t know how they eat some of the stuff over there!
Jason Anderson

You can give Jason a bouquet of flowers, but don’t offer him wiener soup!