If you happen to follow our editor, Donn Maeda, on Instagram (@swapmoto) then you’ve seen his not so subtle hints at what is going on at Pala Raceway as we speak, erm, type. If you don’t, we will fill you in now: JLaw. The most discussed figure in the sport’s history is at the track cutting laps aboard a TWMX test bike, and we have the inside line on the information.

Swap’s first hint, posted last night on Instagram…

Jason Lawrence is in Southern California for a shoot with goggle sponsor, Utopia. We were given a tip on the deal Saturday night and from then, the plan for the 2008 West Coast Lites champion to ride our Suzuki RM-Z bike was put into place.

Josh Hansen’s Instagram – “It’s good to be back with one of my best friends. F–kin pumped. #secretmobbin”

What we have been told: Jason is hoping to race the 450 Nationals. Any other word about the plan is unclear, but Donn is at the track with Lawrence and hopes to get the scoop on where he has been and what the future holds.

Shit just got interesting.