Jeff Emig Signs Agreement with Motocross Vacations

Menifee, CA December 15, 2003¿Former Supercross and Motocross Champion, Jeff Emig has entered an endorsement agreement with Motocross Vacations, the world¿s leading motocross-adventure specialist, located in Southern California.

“Motocross Vacations is the best way to experience the Southern California motocross lifestyle,” says Jeff, who, as part of their new relationship will host 2 Motocross Vacations Special Events per year, where fans and riders will have the opportunity to take a MX Vacation with “Fro”. “I look forward to working with a quality-based rider experience as MXV has proven to be, and anticipate working closely with John and Suzi to ensure we provide great special celebrity events.”

“We¿re very excited to have Jeff on our MXV team,” says Suzi Maldonado, Vice President of Motocross Vacations. “Not only has Jeff proven himself as one of the world¿s best riders, but his genuine and sincere personality proves why he is one of the most adored riders by fans from all over the world; that is the kind of person we want associated with MX Vacations.”

Both Jeff and MX Vacations¿ owners, John and Suzi Maldonado, are Menifee, CA residents.

Motocross Vacations is a Southern California based motocross-adventure travel specialist, offering all inclusive, complete motocross vacation packages where riders from all over the world can experience the thrill of motocross in the world¿s finest motocross mecca. For more information, or call 909.246.1503.