Jeremy McGrath Out Eight to Ten Weeks

Los Angeles, CA (October 12, 2006)-- After sustaining a crash at the category redefining event bearing his name, the Jeremy McGrath Invitational, it has been confirmed by McGrath’s personal physician, Dr. Paul Murphy, that he has indeed suffered a fracture, in two places at C-7 and has broken two bones in his right big toe.

McGrath will have to spend 8 to 10 weeks in a full neck brace and is able to recover at home with orders to maintain very limited activity for the more than 2-month period. He is however, expected to make a complete recovery and plans to resume normal activity by the end of the year.

McGrath had this to say about the crash that had him hospitalized during the second night of the Jeremy McGrath Invitational, “First of all, I know I am a very lucky guy right now -- an injury like this could of course been so much worse. Second, although I can’t believe I missed the second night of the invitational, I am so proud to hear all the great feedback I’ve been getting. Friends and family sent me pictures, text messages, emails and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves.

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