Jeremy ¿Twitch¿ Stenberg Dominates Vans Triple Crown

Twitch wins 4 of the 6 Vans Triple Crown of FMX events and takes the title   

BALTIMORE, MD. (December 4, 2004) – The final stop of the Vans Triple Crown of Freestyle Motocross landed at the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore where Jeremy ¿Twitch¿ Stenberg came in alone in first place.   Stenberg, winning two of the first four stops of the Vans Triple Crown Series, looked to win his first Vans Triple Crown of Freestyle Motocross title.

The 2002 Vans Champion Kenny Bartram came out with guns blazing and finished as the number one qualifier after Friday¿s round one.  Beau Bamburg second and Jim McNeil third rounded out the top three qualifiers while Stenberg qualified fourth.  Jake Windham, needing only to finish ahead of Myles Richmond to secure his second career IFMA Championship, qualified in the sixth spot as Richmond finished eleventh.  Windham, the 2000 IFMA Champion joins Bartram as the only rider to win two IFMA Championships.

In Friday¿s final, Windham was able to take the hot seat from Drake McElroy with a score of 93.4, which would stand until Stenberg took the course.  Stenberg landed several back flip variations and used the entire course to lay down a combination of seat grab and off the bike combinations.  McNeil and Bamburg both could not put together runs that would take out Stenberg, both slipping up in their routines.  Bartram took the course as the last rider to contend with Stenberg.  Bartram¿s¿ score of 94.0 was not enough to take Friday¿s title opening the door for Stenberg¿s first Vans Triple Crown Championship. 

¿I finished my run with about 17-seconds left, the only thing I could do was pull off a few more back flip variations to try to win this thing,¿ I can¿t believe I pulled off that many tricks in the final,¿ said Kenny Bartram after his final run.           

Stenberg was Saturday night¿s number one qualifier followed by Bartram in second and Bamburg in third.  Jim McNeil needed the second round in order to qualify for the main event but wasted little time taking over the hot seat from 2004 IFMA Champ Jake Windham.  McNeil¿s score of 94.0 was enough to last through Dustin Miller, Drake McElroy and Bamburg until Bartram took the course.  Bartram put together a flawless run with numerous back flip variations and the energy that only Bartram can deliver.  His score of 94.4 was enough to take the Vans Hot Seat.  The last rider of the night took the course needing a near perfect run to over take the cowboy.  Stenberg nailed that run, scoring a 94.6 to earn the win and his first Vans Championship of Freestyle Motocross.    

Friday¿s Vans Championship of Freestyle Motocross Results:

  1. Jeremy Stenberg         94.2
  2. Kenny Bartram           94.0
  3. Jim McNeil             93.8
  4. Jake Windham            93.4
  5. Drake McElroy           93.0

Saturday¿s Vans Championship of Freestyle Motocross Results:

  1. Jeremy Stenberg         94.6   
  2. Kenny Bartram           94.0
  3. Jim McNeil              94.0
  4. Beau Bamburg            93.8
  5. Drake McElroy           93.7

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The next stop on the IFMA Freestyle Motocross tour lands in:

January 7 & 8                           Salt Lake City, Utah     Delta Center

2004 Vans Triple Crown of Freestyle Motocross Schedule:
Event Dates             Broadcast Date
Vans Phoenix FMX Pro                      August 27 & 28                Fox Sports Net – October 5 – 4 PM Regionally
(Phoenix, Ariz.)

Vans Jacksonville FMX Nationals           October 15 & 16               Fox Sports Net – November 25 – 4 PM Regionally
(Jacksonville, Fla.)

Vans Baltimore FMX Championships          December 5 & 6                NBC – December 18 – 3 PM EST / 12 PM PST
(Baltimore, Md.)