Jessica Patterson Awarded Girlyz Holeshot $$

Valencia, CA-November 28, 2006- Girlyz Clothing Co. – A company dedicated to bringing the highest quality riding gear to the motocross and power sports industry- announces Jessica Patterson takes the Girlyz holeshot money for both motos at the 2006 Z1R WMA Cup.

Twenty-four hours has passed since practice as nineteen women line up at the starting gate for the first moto Sunday morning. The 30 second “Christmas Tree is held high, and the gate drops! Patterson edged out April Zastrow for the holeshot, going on to take the win. The second moto was nearly a repeat of the first as Patterson got out in front of Cassandra Regal and Ashley Boham, grabbing the holeshot and the overall for the weekend.

It was victorious day for Patterson, who successfully defended her 2005 title and got both holeshot awards for the day. As a result, Patterson earned an additional $500 from Girlyz Clothing Co., and became the first winner of the Girlyz Clothing Co. holeshot award.

Girlyz is also pleased to announce sponsored rider Katie McGuire finished 9th, Lindsey Jelitto finished 12th and Kaide Garrett finished 16th in the WMA Pro Race. Amateur riders included Tiana Falls, Madison Quick and Emily Miller, who participated in various amateur WMA races this week.

Girlyz is a proud sponsor of the 2006 Z1R WMA Cup and is looking forward to further supporting 2007 WMA events.