Jimmy Decotis | East Coast Prep

When the 250 East Coast Supercross championship kicks off Saturday night in Arlington, Texas, the gate will be filled with fresh roster of riders, some on satellite teams, many on privateer bikes. Even though Jimmy Decotis happens to falls into the latter category, the popular and well-equipped New England racer is expected to be a contender, thanks in part to his warm up on the West Coast in the 450 class. On Monday, after Decotis and crew finalize the settings of his Riverside Harley-Davidson Honda CRF250R, we discussed the progress Decotis has made, expectations for the East Coast, and what comes next…

“Riding the 450 is different than my 250, but overall it is the same type of chassis and stuff like that. This wasn't really about bike setup, but mostly about getting comfortable on the track with the bales on it, the peaks of the track, the starts, and having the mental edge going to the East Coast now. I've done four rounds, I'm warmed up, and know what to expect. I have done this for two or three years, so this year I know a lot more than I did. Then I was coming off of my knee injury, so I was out all summer trying to build, and now I feel like I am right where I need to be coming into the first round. I think the four rounds that I did were huge, especially to make the main. I didn't have the best finishes, but being a rookie in the class and seeing the guys out there, it is still a solid four rounds to put in, so I'm happy with that. I just want to bring it to the East Coast, ride my 250 a little more aggressive than my 250, take it one race at a time, and know that I'm where I belong and believe that all of the time.”

Decotis feels that time aboard the 450 be beneficial when he drops to the 250 this weekend. Getting similar performance from the smaller bike will require him to push, but confidence gained from the 450 class will have him ready for the task.

“I have actually been riding the 250 during the week whole time because it is my main focus. Last week I didn't even ride the 450 until the race and it is different, for sure. It makes me ride the 250 more aggressively and I find myself making more mistakes, but that is just because I am pushing harder. When I'm qualifying eighth or tenth in the Lites class, that's not where I need to be, because I'm always trying to get speed. If you watch someone like Dean, when he qualifies first and wins the race, he is back here on Monday trying to find more speed. I want to find more speed and let the fitness come.”

“I think I'm fresh. When I did the Europe deal last year, I was done around summer, did four outdoor rounds and hurt my hand at RedBud. That set me back, but I did the Monster Cup and have been waiting for this moment and am ready for this series. I'm fired up now that the weekend is over and that I'm back on my 250. Doing those races was more to get the feel, because when the series comes back West, I'll get on my 450 and do Houston and Seattle. I just want to stay racing, because I think I have the Supercross thing dialed and that it is my strong point. I want to do as much as I can, build a bigger name for myself and hopefully get on Pro Circuit, GEICO, Star, or one of the top teams for next year. That is pretty much the goal, because this year there is no reward for me, but just get on the podium in main events. This year is all working for next year.”

Getting a ride for 2015 is the Decotis’ motive this season, and the popular privateer feels he can accomplish this by notching finishes on the podium.

“It's going to be stacked and there are eight to ten really good guys. But if you look at all of the races from before, I've qualified twentieth and gotten a fifth, so lap times don't mean anything. Everyone gets so worked up if there are on the board, but if a guy is a second a lap faster than me but starts fifteenth and I started first, he's not catching me. The biggest thing for me is to have my starts dialed and have my mental game on point so I'm not making those little mistakes and getting twelfth. I want to be put in good rides and get top fives and podiums, because that is where I should be. I've done this numerous years now and know what to expect.”