Joe Desrosiers, Founder and Creator of Joe Hauler Motorcycle Carriers is Heading for Dakar

Joe Desrosiers, founder and creator of Joe Hauler Motorcycle Carriers is heading for Dakar!!! Joe has been selected as chief mechanic for Brian Schmuckle and Mike Kay of Team Rally So-Cal. The duo will be charging on Husqvarnas TE 510’s loaded with near 64lbs of gas. This ever so grueling rally begins Jan 6th-21st and covers over 8000 km through Saharan desert, testing navigation skills, technical performance, endurance, and most importantly balls of steel! Considered the toughest and most unique race in the world, anyone who finishes the race is a true champion. Their results can be tracked by logging on to or Best of luck guys and keep your eyes peeled for the Dakar Hauler!