Joel Robert to Be Honored at the White Brothers World Veteran Motocross Championships

On Sunday, November 5th during the 23rd annual White Brothers World VeteranMotocross Championships at Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernardino, 6-timeMotocross World Champion, Joel Robert will be honored with the Edison DyeMotocross Lifetime Achievement Award. The award honors the riders,promoters, and industry trailblazers that have made the biggest contributionto the sport of motocross in America. Robert will join riders like TorstenHallman, Roger DeCoster, Rick Johnson, and Jeff Ward, all of whom havepreviously been honored with this award. The award is the brainchild ofGlen Helen owner Bud Feldkamp and White Brothers Founder Tom White.

Joel Robert won his 1st 250cc World Championship in 1964 on a CZ. He thenwent on to win another two for CZ in 1968 and 1969. Joel moved to Suzuki in1970 where he continued his winning ways and brought three consecutive WorldChampionship Titles to the team in 1970 – 1971 – 1972, for a record six250cc World Championships. His record of 50 Motocross Grand Prix victoriesstood for more than 30 years until it was broken by a fellow Belgian, StefanEverts, in 2004.

Joel is considered by many, including his fiercest competitor, TorstenHallman, to be the most talented rider ever to compete in motocross. At thesame time, he was also known for his lack of training, and was occasionallyseen smoking cigarettes on the starting line! Today, Robert continues hisinvolvement in motocross by acting as manager for Belgium’s Motocross desNations team.

At the White Brothers event, a special display will be presented by TheEarly Years of MX Museum featuring photos, posters, memorabilia, andmachines similar to the ones that Robert rode. At 12:30PM, Robert will bepresented the Motocross Lifetime Achievement Award with compelling storiesby some of his top rivals. Joel speaks perfect English, has a great senseof humor, and will be available for autographs following the presentation.

For more information, please contact White Brothers at 714-692-3404 or TheEarly Years of Motocross Museum at 714-921-9137. For directions to GlenHelen, check out .