Josh Coppins is coming to America!

Team Manager Scott Sheak announced today that Josh Coppins from New Zealand will be joining Team Shark Plano Honda at Round 8 of the AMA Chevy Trucks US Nationals in Unadilla, New York. Coppins, who is currently in the second place in the FIM 250 World Championship, will join the team for one race before returning to Europe to finish the World Championship. “We are very excited about having Josh come over and ride for us. I have been putting this deal together since I took over as team manager a couple of months ago. I think Josh will fit in well with our riders, and should have a great chance at a win,” said Sheak. Coppins will be racing the 250cc class on a bike provided by the team with Factory Honda parts brought over from Europe. “I am excited about coming to Unadilla to race with all the American riders,” said Coppins. “We are very happy that Josh has decided to come over and race with us,” said Plano team owner Steve Wagner. Round 8 at Unadilla will be held July 20th and 21st just outside Utica, New York.

When we asked the new Shark Plano Honda team manager if he will be seen at any more Nationals this year he said, ” I think I broke my thumb last weekend, but I’m not sure because I have not had time to go to the doctor!” When graced with the chance to be the team manager for a high profile team Sheak said, ” I want to thank Honda and the guys at Plano for beliving in me. This is a dream come true, and I will not let them down.”

When we asked Scott about the chance we would see Coppins come to America for an entire season he said,”I would love for Josh to come to America for the 2003 season, and race with the Shark Plano Honda team. The door is open for him.”